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  1. Wolfsclaw

    Quake 3 Nub Control?

    fusion_power, thanks very much for the detailed answer :)
  2. Wolfsclaw

    Quake 3 Nub Control?

    Back in 2008, everyone talked about what a killer app Quake 3 is going to be. Ever since it came out in pnd form, noone really seemed to care anymore. It seems like playing NES games on the pandora got more attention than this kick-ass game. Noone ever talked about having it played (online)...
  3. Wolfsclaw

    Quake 3 Nub Control?

    Can you join and play on online servers?
  4. Wolfsclaw

    Release Jagged Alliance 2

    Ooh! Could you make a german version .pnd ? :) I dont have a pandora (yet.. oh this hurts) and i never played this, but i would if i could :P
  5. Wolfsclaw

    Before you cancel: Consider than WHEN you receive your pandora (in about 6 months maybe), you can still sell it for probably more than you bought it for! Probably better waiting and then getting some profit out of it than craig having the joy of having one more premium unit to ship than having...
  6. Wolfsclaw

    What Has Happened To...?

    Does anyone remember that intergalactic relax-and-search-treasures-with-your-spaceship game? What was it called again... It even featured an online multiplayer mode on the Windows demo! I played this for hours!
  7. Wolfsclaw

    Beta Stratagus (Wargus)

    I am truly sorry to bump this, but has there been any progress on this? :)
  8. Wolfsclaw


    Damn! Not again! (been here since 2003, witnessed this a couple of times) But i hope he will release the source code :(
  9. Wolfsclaw

    Tisk Tisk Craig

    Silencing critics is what Craig really likes to do. I've seen the thread that Azure opened, and in my opinion, it was legitimate criticism with some understandable frustration coming out in the last sentence ('pandoras quality control is piss-poor') which can't be too much of an insult if it's...
  10. Wolfsclaw

    Vigoroth The Delivery Man

    Was browsing youtube and found a new little homebrew game that noone seems to have noticed? Can't report back on if its working since i still have no pandora in my hands :) So try this out and let me know what you think. Pokemanz!
  11. Wolfsclaw

    Cave Story Pnd

    So either everyone has to bundle it for himself (that would be silly) or, mysteriously, a torrent file would pop up ...
  12. Wolfsclaw

    Pandora's Collection

    I like that guy over there! This is his best hobby tools!
  13. Wolfsclaw

    Release Pcsx-Rearmed

    If possible, I would really appreciate seeing Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2, Fifa 98 or Crash Team Racing, if you happen to have these :)
  14. Wolfsclaw

    Release Pcsx-Rearmed

    Zomg! Video please! We love you notaz!
  15. Wolfsclaw

    Release Briquolo

    Oooooh, OpenGLES :)
  16. Wolfsclaw

    Moral Dilemma: Selling My Pandoras For Profit...?

    Wait until the premium offers are finished (i dont think they Craig wants to ship more than 100 of these IIRC), then wait a week and go for it, if your morals are not too high, let a friend of yours jack up the prize, of course with the risk that your friend ends up as the "buyer", in that case...
  17. Wolfsclaw

    Release Frogatto And Friends

    Aww, it looks so cute! :)
  18. Wolfsclaw

    Beta Alarm Clock App

    Out of my personal interest (i am very sorry for going offtopic for a second), what is the name of the ipod touch app you're using?
  19. Wolfsclaw

    Cancel Pandora And Refund Money Or Go Bankrupt And Be A Hermit.

    Are you joking? If so I don't get it. AFAIR 4000 units were supposed to be the first batch minus some numbers, that's what i didn't say 1000, but 900 for ED. This is about the 1/4th of the first batch. Craig gets the other 3/4. (And I don't think Fatih ever got some... or has anyone ever heard...