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  1. MarioPandio

    [SOLVED] Pandora rather than Pyrrha to this rescue of a deluge....?

    Well thanks folks for all the help. 4hrs later and Yay the Phone is fixed. Spank my ass and call me Sally but despite it being arduous getting there, Pandora to the rescue and it all worked out fine in the end.  Even the sun is now shining!  Beer Garden it is then :)
  2. MarioPandio

    [SOLVED] Pandora rather than Pyrrha to this rescue of a deluge....?

    Thanks for the pointers.  I´m getting somewhere via other means at present but will return to this if it goes Pete Tong. I´m well aware already that when I finally accomplish everything on the Pandora and am smug with myself that the files are all copied...I´ll pop it in my phone and it will...
  3. MarioPandio

    [SOLVED] Pandora rather than Pyrrha to this rescue of a deluge....?

    Well this is proving an awkward headache it seems. 1. Ext2fsd cant help on pc with dealing with the Ext2 that way. 2. Not enough space on the partition for the commandline options to even have thinking space to make the tar and it wont accept new paths as the output location either. 3. Made...
  4. MarioPandio

    [SOLVED] Pandora rather than Pyrrha to this rescue of a deluge....?

    Okay thanks for the much appreciated input and options guys. I´m going to risk what I can in a moment. The partitioning anew etc is no problem, I was just surpised that I cant simply restore an image of the smaller partition into a newer bigger one with various tools. It just wont let me and...
  5. MarioPandio

    [SOLVED] Pandora rather than Pyrrha to this rescue of a deluge....?

    Levi, many thanks I will try your advice as best I follow it. Its been awhile with any issues with my Pandora (faithful) and I´ve totally forgotten old aspects of linux commands I used to need with Pandora. I take it the commands will tar and untar the partitions files and as you say, I´ll...
  6. MarioPandio

    [SOLVED] Pandora rather than Pyrrha to this rescue of a deluge....?

    Evening folks.... Need some help with a phone SD card issue that only Pandora can get close to solving. Need some Linux terminal commands knowledge from those with such force, to put it bluntly. To waffle... Had a crap samsung galaxy ace bought for me ages ago, that drove me mad (low phone...
  7. MarioPandio

    GParted failing to format a partition

    Many thanks again Linux-SWAT, I was not aware of Lucky Backup or BGS either and the page you linked sounds a fairly ideal Pandora only solution to tar up and re apply a working backup fairly quickly. Sounds straight forward enough even for me, so I´ll give it a whirl sometime. Cheers.
  8. MarioPandio

    GParted failing to format a partition

    Thanks to both of you for the help, that got it sorted out for a fresh SD install. Many thanks Just of curiosity really, are there any other partitioning tools/formating on the Pandora and are there any Imaging programs for making images of a Partition/card for fast recovery?
  9. MarioPandio

    GParted failing to format a partition

    Hi, just wondering if anyone can help out with some terminal commands or alternatives to GParted, as its failing to allow me to either format or delete my SD card installations partition, in order to allow me to reinstall the SZ 160 firmware? The primary SD card is split into BOOT (fat32)...
  10. MarioPandio

    Just got a pandora

    Doesn't look like Craig's accoun, you got a steal there. that last unit I asked a question of and was told if the nubs were replaced by ED or askarus for example, that it would be restored to fully working. There is also a Pandora model check pnd on the repo and pnd manager that will identify...
  11. MarioPandio

    Docking station?

    I would consider it wise for the above to be true and in addition, that the docking station be capable of charging a few spare batteries at once, rather than having to rotate the batteries within the Pyra to ensure you can set off with several full spares easily if on a long trip. The higher...
  12. MarioPandio

    Pyra Phone

    Wizardstan post#10 makes a very convincing argument for Pyra to have an optional phone capability. Personally I'm not paranoid enough to be bothered by using a separate cell phone but clearly a large market is tapped into of concerned folk who want total control of their data or privacy, if...
  13. MarioPandio

    Courserian [New Pandora Use]

    Thank you for bringing this to Pandora ekianjo, and the nice write up on your excellent blog to explain about it all. Had never heard of this but it sounds incredibly useful and coupled with the Anki pnd and other tools in the repo the Pandora has yet more strings of hope to her bow now.
  14. MarioPandio

    Release REICAST - Dreamcast Emulator

    Your in luck. seems to run slightly underspeed, stutters in the intro movies/cut scenes but is rendered correctly and very playable. That's on a 1ghz with v2 or v3 builds and default or 4.10X driver respectively. Other titles that seem pretty good to me are : crazy taxi 1 (as number 2 is...
  15. MarioPandio

    Pandora App to remove uneeded appdata-folder after deleting the pnd???

    Seems a very wise feature add to pndmanager, or as a separate pnd program. Something that can backup the appdata folders if removing a pnd, or upgrading, as many updates suggest a new folder is wise (requiring exit of pndmanager & manual backup of the old folder for save states and such)...
  16. MarioPandio

    Beavior of del key

    I think the answer is in a old thread here Located in the 'tips tricks and tweaks' thread pinned in the support section by Gruso is the thread 'enable delete key' and this from page 2.  Hope that helps :)
  17. MarioPandio

    Alien vs Predator Port

    Missed the release of this and just wanted to say thanks for all the hard work you put in on bringing this to pandora. Plays brilliantly. Hope this isnt to dumb a question but I am wondering if the soundtrack should be playing or is possible to add? I used the GOLD version files to get it...
  18. MarioPandio

    Release Shadow Warrior

    The GOG files seem to work fine but I cant find the relevant file for Twin Dragons, The GOG version comes complete with the music files already in .ogg format too, aswell as the bonus CD in MP3. This is another really nice addition to Pandora. Cheers Mcobit :)
  19. MarioPandio

    [solved] Oh good, I have a problem....finally.

    hi franko, go here look for the OS section and the link to 'how to get my pandora menu button back if it disappears' and follow the advice therein contained, which mirrors mcobits rough advice above.  For some reason on...
  20. MarioPandio

    Humble Android Bundle 5 - Super Hexagon works with Pandora

    I'm running the earlier r3 version on an older sd card and superhexagon wont install.   nightsky installs but quits after the logo screen. dynamite jack and solar2 are both complaining of  space issues so wont install. dungeon defenders is installed and slowly downloading its game files about...