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  1. Iorgy77

    Where are the old folk of GP32?

    <3:gp32:<3 Gotta fire em up some day soon... I remember how awesome the battery life was on them. I was one of the emu parasite kids. :'(
  2. Iorgy77

    Still Using Your Gp32 In 2012

    :wub: I whip it out every couple of months and give it a good thrashing... :D I love the battery life on it. And it is a fun console to use because it has back boobies.
  3. Iorgy77

    Sale A 4 Week Old Pandora Rebirth Edition 32 Sdhc Memory

    I'll buy it. Sending a PM.
  4. Iorgy77

    Can I Down Load A Copy Of The Manual Any Ware

    Well if it is missing the "original manual" ... :) Is it the 512MB version?
  5. Iorgy77

    Can I Down Load A Copy Of The Manual Any Ware

    Let me know when you are ready to sell please.
  6. Iorgy77

    Don't Buy From This Guy

    By the way asking for positive feedback and then promising to refund is a classic sellers trick when dealing with unreasonable customers. I am not saying its right, but its not the sellers fault you didnt research that the vocamaster is not compatible with wiz software. If the seller is...
  7. Iorgy77

    Don't Buy From This Guy

    He has bought and sold every handheld with homebrew already. Some more than once.
  8. Iorgy77

    I Cant Found Anywhere Vatari (Pacc 2010) (A2600 Emu For Gp32)
  9. Iorgy77 - Future

    I would rather wait for evilD to come back with a more news than join this that may not get the gp32x backup. Also any donations should go to evilD for all the stellar work he does with the file archives and previous history of being an all round scene good guy and internet...
  10. Iorgy77

    Android Console Yinlips Ydp-G18

    Use it to make bootleg movies at the cinema. :D
  11. Iorgy77

    What Are Your Favourite 8/16 Bit Soundtracks/songs?

    Amiga 500 Hybris
  12. Iorgy77

    Android Console Yinlips Ydp-G18

    Where are people recommending to buy these from?
  13. Iorgy77

    New Dev

    Welcome aboard erico, dont forget #caanoo on efnet if you like to irc. ;)
  14. Iorgy77

    Money Money Money.

    Do the right thing OP, get the batch 1 and 2 monkey off your back and then move forward with fulfilling new orders. break the cycle and show people its not just the same crap with a different person in charge. People have been waiting years. How many more refund requests do you want?
  15. Iorgy77

    Money Money Money.

    So are you actually saying that people who do the 10euro pre-order now will get their pandoras before the batch 1 and 2 pre-orderers?
  16. Iorgy77

    Bad News

    Dingoo LCD is pretty terrible though, you have to look at the screen while holding the dingoo on a weird angle otherwise it looks really bad. Hopefully any dingoo replacement will have a better LCD.
  17. Iorgy77

    Help I Want To Put This Back To Original Firmware

    Is it easier to sell with the original firmware?
  18. Iorgy77

    Protect And Rescue

    I love choplifter type games. Looking forward to trying this, already reminds me of one of my favourites on the amiga. Dyter-07
  19. Iorgy77

    Unban Quasist

    It seems that way, like I said, he didnt ask me to make this thread. I just find him entertaining and think his games are excellent and this place could use some more active devs regardless of how eccentric and brilliant they are. I actually find it messed up that someone who is clearly as...