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  1. CapcomSuicide

    GPD WIN 2

    I still use my Pandora weekly, and will continue to do so for 8-16bit emulation. That said, the Win2 looks fantatsic, and will be really good for 32bit emulation and steam games. If the Pyra comes out, I wonder what role it will play in terms of games, i.e where it can provide an experience...
  2. CapcomSuicide

    Sales Vouchers and preorders

    Does anyone know, are we able to request a refund on the pre-order, or is it like the iCP2 or kickstarter where we just have to accept we might not get a product? If requesting refunds is allowed, is the normal "contact us" link ok to use on Dragonbox? I am quite sure the project will...
  3. CapcomSuicide

    It's all white!

    In terms of managing expectations, is it possible we might see mass production within Q1 2018 or with the final changes are we looking at Q2/Q3 for first 1100 orders to be fufilled?
  4. CapcomSuicide

    The magnificent seven

    Good to see the progress! Thank you for the update, always a joy to see an actual assembled prototype. (or 7!) Best of luck on the final stages of the hardware project, and thanks to the dev's who will now try and get the OS ready for Beta. Personally I can live with 2gb, but I imagine the team...
  5. CapcomSuicide

    Test the keymat!

    Happy to take any keyboard that works, not interested in extra testing now. Just get a minimum viable product out please.
  6. CapcomSuicide

    We've started to order things!

    What needs to be solved before mass production?
  7. CapcomSuicide

    Pyra christmas update :)

    This was a good and detailed update. I wonder how we are doing now, and if the manufacturers have completed the tasks expecected for Early january. It would be great to hear if the project is any closer to the goal.
  8. CapcomSuicide

    Prototype mainboards coming soon

    Yes, I was thinking around June myself. Great that the CPU board is forwards upgradable, so the next dev cycle will be that bit easier. I assume if the funds run out, we will be asked to settle the preorders in advance.
  9. CapcomSuicide

    Prototype mainboards coming soon

    Is it possible to guess at a realistic date for the prototype pre-orders and then main pre-order queue? I must admit my pessimistic view was that the prototypes would be done in Dec, and the 900 main orders would happen in April 2017. That looks a bit optimistic now. Fingers crossed the...
  10. CapcomSuicide

    Pyra and Raspberry Pi?

    The pi emulator scene is really taking off. There are lots of pi zero handheld projects getting attention, and I feel a Pyra case, sceeen, battery and controls that could interface to a Zero would widen the market segment that Ed is selling too. Moving lots of Pyra Piis could finance the work...
  11. CapcomSuicide

    Origin Stories (of your alias/moniker/pseudonym)

    Mine comes from the fact that Capcom CPS arcade boards have a battery that is needed to ensure the roms encryption can be decrypted. If the battery fails the board becomes useless, so they call them suicide batteries. Some of my all time fave games are on CPS hardware and I was so shocked to...
  12. CapcomSuicide

    Serial #s

    Thanks! So cool :) I went for a standard 4GB so, yeah 262 or 263. :) How many other products let you see a TXT file of the pre-order queue. It's great fun being part of Pyra.
  13. CapcomSuicide

    Serial #s

    Is there anyway to know where you are in the queue? I ordered 13:18 (German time) on 1st May, it would be fun to know a rough position :)
  14. CapcomSuicide

    Travelling to Vienna

    Yeah, taking into account it will be quite a while yet, maybe boosting the pre-order with extra vouchers will give Ed some more liquidity. Still lots of moving parts to nail down, but I guess he would let us know if there were financial challenges.
  15. CapcomSuicide

    Travelling to Vienna

    Thanks for the update. Does indeed sound like it will be some time before these last details are ironed out. Hopefully some prototypes can be finished in 2016, so that mass production can happen/ complete first 1000 units at least within 1st half of 2017. Time will tell!
  16. CapcomSuicide

    Hardware Left shoulder button sticking (1ghz silver)

    I tried three screwdrivers and ended up with the only one that could fit in the hole and the head. It seemed to break very quickly. I am quite sure that Ed is right about the screwdriver, as he has opened up thousands of units. But it seems a bit of weakness if it can be broken so easily...
  17. CapcomSuicide

    Hardware Left shoulder button sticking (1ghz silver)

    The good news: The L button "Facing the switch" part was badly machined and I used some tape to make a foam pad. This fixed the issue. The bad news: The screw near the stylus would not come off, and it burred. Two of the other screws also now don't "Bite" properly. I never normally damage...
  18. CapcomSuicide

    Holidays are over!

    Thanks Ed! It's really nice to see the Pyra developing. I think many of us pre-ordered because of this unique attention to detail, like a small scale sports car designer making a few cars by hand. :) It is really nice for us to see the progress! I think the see-through design is the one for...
  19. CapcomSuicide

    Hardware Left shoulder button sticking (1ghz silver)

    Thanks all! I'll (very carefully) follow the instructions.
  20. CapcomSuicide

    Hardware Left shoulder button sticking (1ghz silver)

    Hi, I believe there were issues with the original Pandora, but couldn't find a thread on the 1Ghz version. Basically the left shoulder button sticks on, perhaps 20-30% of the time. I can pull it back out, and carry on using it. Any tips for troubleshooting this one? Thanks.