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    New Video

    Nice videos :) As long as it doesnt take away any precious get-pandora-done-asap time, keep the vids comming ^^
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    (second) Guessing Game

    April 11th is MY birthday :P
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    An Old-timer Is Back Again

    And I remember that avatar of yours :)
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    An Old-timer Is Back Again

    I think I'll just try calm down and wait a couple of months for Pandora to be easier to buy (and maybe cheaper who knows lol). I'll try ease my pain by watching other people's pandora videos on youtube in the near future :P
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    An Old-timer Is Back Again

    bleh (>_<), first I thought it was €250 and I was like "urgh ok". Then I read $330 and I was like "...fine!". But now it's €299. I can still afford it but it's rly pushing my cap here. And ya, I should probalby buy it from ED's site since germany is probably the closest place to order from...
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    An Old-timer Is Back Again

    Should I e-mail Tell em I'm interested in buying Pandora, where I live and my preferd payment method? Sounds like it's gonna be a trip down to the bank on monday.
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    An Old-timer Is Back Again

    Hello everyone, Cell here. I used to roam these boards like crazy in the old GP32 days (I was such a silly kid). Then I whent away for a while, only to be drawn back in again by the release of GP2x. It's been a few years since now and I've pretty much been gone from the gp32x scene playing with...
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    Retro Gaming Event

    Why do I live in Sweden?! RAWR!!!
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    Tv Cable

    Black & White sux >:(
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    Tv Cable

    Care to show me a pic of something like that to give me an idea? ^^
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    Tv Cable

    Is there a way to convert and still be able to veiw in color? Or does the TV have to have SVHS? No way to walk around it?
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    by judging what I see I think it has atound the same specs as a GP32, probably slightly better. When I saw the pic of the old mp3 player on it that the GP32 had I thought "oh, GP32's comparison to GBA's Game Boy SP" note: all I do is guessing :P don't take me über serious
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    Scummvm For The Gp2x

    Should've mentioned I am mostly testing Curse of Money Island on it ^^ just need to get a little less laggier and get that sound to sync ^^
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    Scummvm For The Gp2x

    testing one of them right now :P I am realy looking forward to a stable version ^_^
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    Scummvm For The Gp2x

    Been waiting patiently for an update for a while now :P and I wanna know just how it's going :) can we expect an update soon? later? never? :blink: keep on rockin' DJWillis :lol: "A Pirate I was meant to be!"
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    Snes Booty

    one answer: FUNNY :D
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    Frozen Bubble 2x Early Port

    omg XD I love this game too! When my C: HHD crached one time I was useing Knoppix for a while and this was THE game I got hocked on ^_^
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    Mplayer And Subtitles

    Um... not 100% correct. .srt is allso suported format. I got "Subtitle Error" too sometimes, and I know what the problem was. When ever the letters å,ä or ö was in the subtitle it would say "Subtitle Error" instead. Some sentances didn't have either å,ä or ö and those worked.
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    Memorycard Reader Raped :d

    Yup, I hade to take this small screwdriver and jam it in and fiddle it around :)