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    Nova's Monster Wiz Review

    Lovely review Novs! Good job. Might have to get one of these.....
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    The Rabbit Joint

    Yeah, not posted here for a bit. I got tired of all the noobs just posting bored rubbish here... I just read through the blogs on the pandora official site. I really hope this does get out, but with a period of time away from here, and then coming back and people are still telling the ones...
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    The Rabbit Joint

    I have only come back here to tell you all I have now a new macbook pro. And to ask, what the hell is going on with the Pandora??? When if ever will it be released? And is it not horribly out of date now?
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    Happy Birthday!

    Ja, ich wuensche dir auch xnopasaranx einen frohen Geburtstag! War vor ein paar Woche in Hannover (deine Stadt, oder?) Ich liebe diese Stadt! :)
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    The Rabbit Joint

    An amazing and insightful post! Perfectly put.
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    The Rabbit Joint

    If you haven't lived in Germany, you won't understand what xnanythingy means. You just can't go down that road. Heck, you are even allowed or supposed to spell words S S, rather Doppel S But outside looking in, you just won't get why it is important.
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    Apple Releases New Ipod

    The thing is, I know so much about this is stupid but it is new and as a wage earner, I still wanna see what it is about. So it's coming in a couple of days....
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    Any Polish People Here Who Could Help Me

    Hello, are there any sympathetic polish posters here who could help me with something over PMs? PM me if you can, and I will be very grateful... Dienki (?)
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    Apple Releases New Ipod

    Well, they will be a lot of crazy people then-including me as I have ordered one already... And before you all climb on your arrogant high horses and start flaming me as a fanboi, there is something interesting about this, the whole voice over thing is new. It could lead to a whole new level of...
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    The Rabbit Joint

    I have finally just got around to watching Magnolia and have to say it is magnificent! Arty farty yes, but still worth it!
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    The Rabbit Joint

    Heath Ledger was excellent in the batman! Whether he wins or not, doesn't matter. He was still very good!
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    Don''t Forget To Celebrate To Night!

    I hate smilies, but this time I think this is appropriate... :p
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    Where Is My Sd Card Reader?!

    Maybe you sat on it. Check inside your arse.
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    The Rabbit Joint

    Am I the only one here who wonders about a country that only gives a job to a black man when the whole country is going down the shitpan? I mean, isn't the presidency the worst job in America right now?
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    The Rabbit Joint

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    Will The World End Due To Bad Grammar?

    I can't be bothered to read through this, but can someone fill me in? The basic thing that I should get from this thread is that Peter has finally come out to the world that he is actually gay...?
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    My First Animated Film, Made For The Holidays

    That is beautiful! Really excellent. Make lots more and share them here!!!
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    The Rabbit Joint

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    The Rabbit Joint

    I've spent the last three days in bed being sick and shaking like a virgin in a brothel. I switch on my laptop after this time and read this shite? Why? (P.S Nova, number two is not bad at all! And yeah, coconut milk makes everything taste better!)