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  1. J

    Convince Me Into Buying A Gp2x

    Hello again, I've seen a First Edition on ebay, anything I should know about the First Edition compared to more recent models or model?
  2. J

    Convince Me Into Buying A Gp2x

    lol thats some comparison, think i'll pretend i dont own a psp after that one, some interesting comments, i'm not fussed about ps one games , I do like the amiga but for the games I would play the ST emu would prob do the job and I hear thats great. Seems like a second PSP would be silly, might...
  3. J

    Convince Me Into Buying A Gp2x

    A few years ago I bought a GP32 from gbax and was very pleased with it, especially as it was the first handheld I had owned and its ability to play some of my favourite 8 + 16 bit classics but I did feel emulation was never really good enough to call perfect and it has gathered a lot of dust...
  4. J

    List Of Olympic Games

    Summer Games 1+2 C64 Winter Games C64 Hypersports Arcade and 8 bit computers Run For Gold - ZX Spectrum The top 3 are excellent games, Run for Gold is rubbish.
  5. J

    Whats The Craziest Shooter Under Emulation?

    Mars Matrix (Mame) or Dreamcast Mental Shooter with bullets everywhere
  6. J

    Name Your Favourite/best '3d' Dungeon Romps!

    Dungeon Master/Chaos Strikes Back Captive Knightmare Bloodwych (Even if only for the two player option)
  7. J

    Rhythm/music Games

    Best game like this I have played is amplitude on the ps2, be nice to see something similar on handheld
  8. J

    Best Drinking Game

    Micro Machines PS1 Chu Chu Rocket DC Pro Evo PS2 Powerstone DC Amplitude PS2 Worms as for regular drinking games Reservoir Dogs is a good one, watch the movie and everytime they say the word F**K you have to neck a shot, obviously this can be played using any movie, last one standing wins.
  9. J

    Bbc Micro Emulation On Gp32?

    thats one i'd like to see, the beeb had some nice games, most of them are available on other formats but it still has a few excellent games unavailable on other systems
  10. J

    List Your Favourite/notable Spectrum Games!

    Starquake Head over Heels Batman (Isometric) Knight Lore Zynaps Cybernoid Rex Elite Exolon Ranarama Skool Daze Saboteur The Great Escape Bombjack Many more but these are a few of my faves.
  11. J

    Solomans Key

    Brilliant Game, I played it first on the ST
  12. J

    Best/notable C64 Games?

    Here are some of my faves Vendetta Last Ninja Impossible Mission Ranarama Armalyte Creatures Park Patrol
  13. J

    Currently Playing...

    Sensi Soccer - Megadrive Ranarama - Speccy Quazatron - Speccy
  14. J

    Combining Gp2x & Psp

    I own a PSP and think its a great machine if you want to play commercial games, I own Mercury,Hot Shots Golf, Wipeout and Ridge Racer and they are all fantastic games and worthy of a purchase, like the Ps1 and Ps2 the early games are always generally ports with minimal originality (Besides...
  15. J

    Retro Dreams

    Amiga Emulation would be excellent and worthy of the purchase alone in my opinion A PC port of Total Annihilation would be awesome but I have no idea if this would be possible or not.
  16. J

    Gpx2 Unvailed!!

    If this thing can do Amiga and Snes Emulation and is a fair price i'll definitely be getting one, I got the GP32 for all my emu needs and a PSP but cant be bothered to mess around with emulation on it, it does a great job with movies, music and what good games are available are pretty special...
  17. J

    Both A New Gp32 And Psp User

    I have both psp and gp32 and love them both, havent used psp for emu yet as the gp32 does a great job for what i want it for but I do agree ripped movies on psp are excellent. I've also just got a new mobile phone a motorola a1000, i've read there is quitea good speccy emu for that and even a...
  18. J

    What's Your First...

    Doom PC, followed by starquake on speccy
  19. J - A Warning

    I ordered a gp32 of them many months back and it came next day and no probs with it, I ordered another handheld wednesday with 2 games and a memory card, all came next day except game and mem card so phoned them up and with no questions they said theyd send items that day, they came next day...