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    Psp Cfw

    Actually, you can just install the latest custom firmware for 6.60. Get either 6.60 ME v1.4 or PRO-B9 6.60.
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    Buy The Caanoo And Forget The Wiz Or Dingoo

    I doubt that the emulators are much faster than the Wiz, because of the similar hardware. Perhaps it's faster because it doesn't have to take anti-tear measures, but that's it.
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    What Was This Ps/saturn Off-Road Vehicle Racing/shooter Game?

    I would say Twisted Metal, except that was for the Playstation/PC.
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    Gp2X F300 And Wiz...

    Maybe he picked up a Vocamaster and needs the Wiz firmware to play games? (he wouldn't have much success with that though)
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    Caanoo Or Psp?

    I'm pretty sure that anything now that works on 6.39 (latest version) can also connect to PSN. EDIT: Also yes, everything can be removed.
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    Caanoo Or Psp?

    The latest version has a HEN (home-brew enabler, no installation) and a LCFW (light custom-firmware), so you'd be able to connect to PSN. LCFWs however, aren't entirely permanent. You have to restore their state after a cold boot by launching a certain program that will "restore" the firmware...
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    Caanoo Or Psp?

    The PSP will give you nearly perfect emulation for every Playstation game that doesn't require analog sticks (unless you have a PSP Go and a PS3 controller), access to cheap commercial games (if you have a UMD drive), and a large amount of homebrew. Some random other bonuses: The port of Cave...
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    Best Handheld For Emulation

    It's not impossible for something new to appear, but maybe. I believe this is only possible when the screen is damaged. They would probably work with GINGE, since it has excellent compatibility.
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    Minecraft On The Caanoo

    Simply no. Maybe a clone, but then someone would have to code it, and that's entirely dependent on someone wanting to code it. I believe AAAA will have a "Autism Mode" though, which would be something like Creative Mode.
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    GP32 Gp32 Emulator

    It's possible. The issue is, you'd need someone to program it.
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    The Stereo Separation Issue

    I made two test MP3s, one that plays exclusively on the right channel and one exclusively on the left. Using these, I was able to confirm that this happens on my Wiz through both the speakers and the headphones. Now I'm wondering if the Caanoo suffers from the same problem.
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    Snes Performance: Wiz Vs. Psp

    It's not that bad. gpSP runs most games very well, with the problem games being ones that take advantage of the original GBA hardware.
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    So Long To My Wiz

    Yeah, actually charging it makes no difference. It looks like you sold your Wiz mostly out of fear, which sucks because it's a great handheld if you put in even just a tiny bit of effort to take care of it.
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    Cave Story For The Dingoo

    Nintendo didn't have anything to do with the commercial releases besides managing the platforms the game was released on. The Wiiware and Dsiware ports of the game were made by Nicalis, and the 3D remake is being developed by Nippon Ichi Software.
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    M.u.g.e.n Port?

    Where's the source code?
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    Has Anybody Noticed ...

    I actually can't fit my Go connecter into my Wiz. The opposite seems to work though.
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    Playstation Vita Will Finish The Pandora?

    The Pandora isn't competing with the Playstation Vita, it's filling a specific niche that the Playstation brand doesn't.
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    Cave Story For The Dingoo

    It's called nxengine because it's not an official port, rather it's an engine reimplementation that works pretty well. I'm not sure how it happened. The other two ports are made with official source code with permission from Pixel. The lack of music is probably because it's a beta version.
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    Gpfce Nes Emulator Help 2 (Famicom Disk System)

    There should be a control you can map in the controls menu that lets you eject/insert and flip a disk. Or you could play US Super Mario Bros 2, which I've heard is less buggy than the original Doki Doki Panic.
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    Cave Story

    Simon ported the GP2X version. It's very likely that he used modified GP2X sources. Switch "textbox.pbm" from the GP2X data folder with the Wiz version.