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  1. CommanderB


    Nikolas kind of officially announced the PyraPhone on the mailing list: Since he has not started a thread on the boards yet, I thought that it is time to create one! What do you think about the PyraPhone? I can imagine...
  2. CommanderB

    Siilihai support: Action from ED needed?

    Siilihai is an open source Tapatalk alternative: A low-ressource web forum reader. I thought about porting it to Pandora & Pyra to improve the forum experience. Unfortunately it seems not to be working with . I have asked the developer of...
  3. CommanderB

    1 GHz Pandora to sell, a lot of accessoirs

    Hey guys! Unfortunately I have to sell my OpenPandora 1GHz edition with lots of accessories. The Open Pandora is in an excellent condition and I am selling my handheld only because I don´t not have enough time to deal with it. The Pandora is sold with a Toshiba SH016GBA3H2 SDHC memory card (16...