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    eMail sent!

    I have not received my email yet ED, I believe I was on the list for this and I gave 2 email addresses.   I have double and tripled checked the spam/ junk on both accounts. If it is just a voucher code is there an option that you PM me it?  I know it may take a little time to do so. Did anyone...
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    Had no feedback from my reseller

    Thanks for the replies, Seems its the waiting game then for me. Reading other posts from people who have receieved there Pandoras it will be well worth the wait. Fingers crossed it all goes up a notch and they are dispatching them again soon. -Chris
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    Had no feedback from my reseller

    I was on an early pre order for batch 1 (order date 10/4/2008 2:21 AM ) and in June 2010 asked Jacquelyn my rough position in the queue "Your approximate queue position is 1450 - 1550. It will be despatched when we receive the next batch of cases, updates are posted on our website regarding...