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  1. yoshi41dragon

    Swiss Rip-Off Initiative

    Pretty much off-topic, but I need to post this. :) :) :) :) :) Democracy is a good thing.
  2. yoshi41dragon

    Beep, Colors and Box Characters in Pandora Terminal

    I try to use beep alert in a Shell or Perl script, like echo -en "\a" (or print "\a"). The problem is, it doesn't beep. What should I do to enable this beep sound in the Pandora terminal? I also would like to use colors, reverse video stuff and box characters. Does anybody have working...
  3. yoshi41dragon

    [Original Game] Number Mind

    Number Mind is a number logic game, with a retro style UI. Similar to Master Mind.
  4. yoshi41dragon

    Fba Opendingux - Working Games

    If you want to try FBA on OpenDingux, here's a list of working games incl. DAT file... Pretty cool arcade emulator for the Dingoo A320. B)
  5. yoshi41dragon

    WLAN Keyring Password

    This topic has already been discussed in several posts, but there is no summary with screenshots and explanations. I try to close this gap. Problem Depending on the configuration, the password to access the default keyring will be asked, when starting WLAN on the Pandora. This can be...
  6. yoshi41dragon

    No email response from ED

    Ordered Everdrive64 in January 2012 and received it in February. Did not work with japanese N64 and sent it back in March to replace the PAL CIC with NTSC version. I'm waiting now 6 months for the replacement. Sent 3 emails in the last 3 weeks to get a status, no response. Tried to contact you...
  7. yoshi41dragon

    16GB Pandora SD Card for £99.99 on ebay

    Incredible what can be found on ebay... He even sells warranty which is more than an new card. :D It seems he already sold 2 of them. I'm wondering what else than some PNDs can be found on this card. He also sells Wiz and Caanoo cards for £79...
  8. yoshi41dragon

    Gp2X-F100 : Sd Card Problem

    I've bought a used GP2X-F100 with firmware 2.1.0 installed. Unfortunately, it does have problems with SD cards... If I insert a SD card while it's up and running, the device locks up somehow. No button presses or joystick movements in the menu are registered anymore. As soon as I eject the SD...
  9. yoshi41dragon

    The 999.999,99 € collection (Sega, Nintendo & NEC)

    :blink: :blink: :blink: :blink: :blink: :blink: :blink: :blink: :blink: :blink:
  10. yoshi41dragon

    NG:DEV.TEAM (Gunlord, Fast Striker & Last Hope)

    The german NG:DEV.TEAM is still actively developing Dreamcast and Neo Geo MVS & AES (introduced 1990!) games. Gunlord DC has been released last week. The AES version will follow by end of July. Had this in my mail today... + Trailers...
  11. yoshi41dragon

    Dingoo Emulator Fact Sheets

    Version 0.3 for the Dingoo is available. Suggestions and corrections are welcome.
  12. yoshi41dragon

    Openhandhelds File Archive Updates

    Dear mods It's really frustrating to wait several days for the approval of file archive updates !!!!! Sorry, but each time I update some content, it takes at least 2 days for the approval. New content appears immediately. What can be done to speed up...
  13. yoshi41dragon

    Pandora Emu Pack & Fact Sheets

    Many updates in version 0.7. Created a new thread to keep New Pandora owner? clean. Suggestions and corrections are welcome.
  14. yoshi41dragon

    Caanoo Emu Pack & Fact Sheets

    Updated version 0.4 for the Caanoo. Suggestions and corrections are welcome.
  15. yoshi41dragon

    Wiz Emu Pack & Fact Sheets

    Updated version 0.3 for the Wiz. Suggestions and corrections are welcome.
  16. yoshi41dragon

    Pandora Console Emulator Fact Sheets

    Many updates in version 0.7. Suggestions and corrections are welcome.
  17. yoshi41dragon

    Emulation on iPad

    There are already 2 good free emulators available on Cydia for the iPad. iMAME4ALL Also playable with the Wiimote