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    Disableing webcam on notebook

    blacklist uvcvideo in /etc/modprobe.d seems to work for me.
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    Bitcoin long as some not easily verifiable conditions are met. The average investor has no choice but to trust the network.
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    Tiling window manager?

    I haven't looked closely, but it might be the config daemon or other stuff running in the background of xfce.
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    apps vs packages focus of the repo

    Then I suspect we won't be able to agree on much concerning software engineering:-)
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    apps vs packages focus of the repo

    I think this is the core issue. Adding something (e.g. dependencies) makes the meta model more complex. This can be a good thing if, and only if this then more closely resembles the thing to be modeled (e.g. user's expectations). To me the repo contains things ('cartridges') that I can download...
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    Anyone here from Sweden?

    Exactly. Especially note that there is actually no rational argument inside the walls of - AFAICT - fear. It is ok to fear something, often it is even healthy. But when the risk assessment goes haywire it becomes problematic. There once was a fire in the house I was living in. Nothing serious...
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    It is often more successful to use the windows version with wine (and last I checked at least for the first Trine it was working). In theory the new packaging tools (flatpack etc) should provide a solution for Linux, too, though I don't know how complete that is when GL is involved.
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    Release Pale Moon

    I've also been playing around with buiding palemoon. I've come as far as and that address strict aliasing bugs and are missing from palemoon, but haven't had time recently to look further.
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    Absurdism corner

    'Radioactive waste' is my favorite use so far. What would we be doing without radioactive waste:-)
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    What programming language should I use

    While I agree there are very small files in freeorion (ironically the script parser files) that literally take gigs of RAM and minutes to compile. I haven't checked whether that is the fault of boost or the fault of the boost user, but obviously it is very easy even for a single person to create...
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    I seem to have misinterpreted your post. Sorry for that. Won't happen again.
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    Well, but that sacrificing is happening all the time. I suspect quite a lot of people would prefer to not pay taxes. The problem with absolutes is that you can choose only one (and have to stick to it to stay credible). Then everything else will always be a tradeoff. While honoring the wishes...
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    That would be the weighing up of free speech vs. slander / protection of minors / sedition / etc. already in place (though quite different in each jurisdictions). I personally think that some (judicial) abridgement of free speech is acceptable and even desirable, but since I don't have solid...
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    Pictures, Videos and thoughts of a Pyra dev-prototype

    Doesn't dpkg reconfigure console-setup (or something like that) do most of the magic after having the xkb layout available?
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    Release DraStic Nintendo DS emulator

    Was just thinking recently how the Pandora community has been blessed by having some truly awesome individuals like Exophase.
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    Yes, but Kafka's work significantly enriches life on this planet. It's obviously a difficult decision. Personally I think deliberately destroying creative work is never the right thing to do (for whatever reason, independent of subjective value; even when the creators do it themselves). To me...
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    2G Fallback clarification?

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    Malfunctioning left nub.

    FWIW I've changed the script run on Pandora button presses (forgot the name, don't have the Pandora with me) to effectively turn short Pandora button presses into nub resets.
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    Beta i3 window manager - help us come up with a cool config!

    LD_LIBRARY_PATH is dropped whenever a suid executable is started. IIRC (to lazy to go checking) on the Pandora /bin/sh (being linked to busybox) is suid. If that is the cause, one solution is to copy busybox, remove the suid bit from the copy and link that to /bin/sh.
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    Starting a new life (career wise at least)!

    Yeah, supporting the students was the point of the course (which was an optional addition to the lecture; not sure whether these still exist today) and did work out fine for most of the participants (I failed in some cases, though - including the students with the example above; I'd say in the...