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  1. amishaziz

    Gp32 Blu - Fault

    Sorry to hear, that what worked for me flopped for you.   I hope Slaanesh's solution works though, so good luck with finding a PSU.   Please let us know the outcome, as it also helps other GP32 owners.   Thanks for not giving up.
  2. amishaziz

    Gp32 Blu - Fault

    Okay, thanks for getting back...   How positive was the switching action?   Did you flick it across in a deliberate way, I linked to the other thread hinting at the switch sticking, so could you try it multiple times to clear the contacts, then also in a positive way across it's full travel...
  3. amishaziz

    Gp32 Blu - Fault

    Welcome back!   See also.   If I can add...   Not knowing the conditions of the loft, and the atmospherics that your unit may have been subjected to hot/cold cycles. There is a possibility of oxidization of the contacts...
  4. amishaziz

    Still Using Your Gp32 In 2012

    Optimus, I format the SMC with the GP32 through the firmware (Slubman).   Then I remove the SMC, and file swap with a card reader, at the PC end. Also great for backing up card images.   Trouble free so far.   I got my card reader from ebay.
  5. amishaziz

    Power Supply Heats Up My Gp2X

    Please do check contacts, as Laharl, says. Usually with electrical items the voltage regulator in the circuit goes first (caps then diodes), heat gives this away. In your case the PSU should be regulating the voltage (it should have the components that do the regulating of the voltage, either...
  6. amishaziz

    Still Using Your Gp32 In 2012

    Thank you Slaanesh.   I shall prepare by seeing what new VCS homebrew games have come out since I last looked around.
  7. amishaziz

    Please Welcome Our Newest Gurus!

    Congratulations guys, it's very well deserved.
  8. amishaziz

    Gp2X-F100 : Sd Card Problem

    The pics, show it's a simple repair to straighten the bent pin, and I can tell however you have lost faith in the socket and are after a completely new socket, which I can understand. Glad to hear the unit is being fixed.
  9. amishaziz

    Gp2X-F100 : Sd Card Problem

    A bent pin is not a real problem to remedy as long as you do not snap it. Can you get a couple of macro shots from above, and from the side (of the card slot) for me please, the shot you have is not much to go by. Do not worry about the sprung mechanism for the card insert / release, as you do...
  10. amishaziz

    Still Using Your Gp32 In 2012

    Slaanesh, I love the Vatari emulator, you did for the PACC2010 competition. We're lucky to still have you in our little fold.
  11. amishaziz

    Still Using Your Gp32 In 2012

    Thanks Slaanesh, anything for the olde GP32, would be great. I emulate mainly Atari VCS2600 + 8 bit + ST. More control over emulator settings and clock speeds would be nice, if possible. My GP32, is my favourite device, with the GP2X, close behind.
  12. amishaziz

    Text Characters Are Messed Up. Smc Not Working...

    With JTAG, I don't want to tell you how to suck eggs but: Seems, to have a custom mini firmware, to then install a full one (I like Slubman). As for the letters being jumbled, I did get something odd on a couple of units before, one I put in fresh...
  13. amishaziz

    What Are Your Favourite 8/16 Bit Soundtracks/songs?

    From the old A8: There are more of course.
  14. amishaziz

    Drumaster's Ports?

  15. amishaziz

    New Opensnes9Xgp Binary

    Just downloaded it with thanks.
  16. amishaziz

    Drumaster's Ports?

    From the versions of the ones I have it looks like I have a game engine, and then add a WAD file for Doom (as an example).There were a few customised free WAD files around. Hope this helps, for some background:
  17. amishaziz

    Release Super Geometry Dust

    Wow! (counting the days until I have my Pandy).
  18. amishaziz

    The Downloads Archive

    I visit there often, and they are new. I did think about posting here, but no need now.
  19. amishaziz

    Came by rated 5 stars, and you more than earned them. (Forgot to rate on the last visit).

    Came by rated 5 stars, and you more than earned them. (Forgot to rate on the last visit).
  20. amishaziz

    Another Openjazz Gp32

    Slaanesh: You are so kind to keep our little console in mind when you make your releases, thank you for sharing your hard work.