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  1. Fishbong

    Pandora outdated?

    Pockets? Ah, for when i would have to work on the go. If i wanted to work on the go, i guess i would go for a device which fits my pockets and has the best keyboard. Which would certainly not be the Pandora, rather one of the old Psion devices. Man those things had good keyboards. The Pandora's...
  2. Fishbong

    Pandora outdated?

    The most practical option IMO would be a notebook or desktop computer.
  3. Fishbong

    Pandora outdated?

    So that would mean that JXD would be able to produce a Pandora for about 75€ ? EDIT: No, its a bit higher, let me think...
  4. Fishbong

    Pandora outdated?

    When i write to ED about my RMAed Pandora, it usually takes him about 8 days to reply. I have yet to find out how many months it will take him to get me a replacement, but it won't be less than 2. This is shitty service. I understand why this is so, and i am not angry about it. I know ED is...
  5. Fishbong

    Pandora outdated?

    No, but if i wanted to, i would just use my Bluetooth keyboard that is way more comfortable than the Pandora's. Which is kind of ironical, because i originally bought it in anticipation (and there was much anticipation) of my Pandora. I wanted to hook up the Pandora to my CRT TV and control it...
  6. Fishbong

    Pandora outdated?

    I can make phone calls, take pictures, use GPS services, have 3G access without external devices, and use acceleration controls. None of which is really essential for what the Pandora is supposed to be, but would be really nice, useful features, especially in combination with the Android wrapper...
  7. Fishbong

    Pandora outdated?

    My input on this topic is that i too think the Pandora is, if not outdated, at least dated. Don't get me wrong, i love the Pandora and am very glad i bought one (though i would be much gladder if it returned from repairs one of these days before i move to another country) but at the present...
  8. Fishbong

    Just a few days... (2012-02-18)

    The first 30 seconds were so silly i instinctively closed the tab. It has very nice information though and clears the "emulation is illegal" preconception. (saw it in a second go after a good bit of cringing).
  9. Fishbong

    Ad Based Game

    You are kind of naive... How many companies will want to have their products advertised in "one of those killer vidogames that are responsible for today's youth going on killing sprees"? So you will have to either ditch Smith&Wesson and Colt or the rest of your advertisers. And what would...
  10. Fishbong

    Money Money Money.

    You understand two things wrong: 1) The "50.000€" is not in fact fifty, but fifty thousand Euros. For the whole second batch. (Subsequently, the 900€ you claim to be the component price of one Pandora is in fact ninehundred thousand €, for the whole batch. Which includes 4000 (four thousand)...
  11. Fishbong

    A Brief history of Roms and Bios Legality?

    Note that while they make it sound like obtaining ROMs is illegal, they actually only state that it is illegal to download them. Because you have the right to make a backup copy. However downloading a file from the internet is not making a backup copy. It is perfectly legal to posess and use...
  12. Fishbong

    My first contribution

    Haven't tested it extensively yet, but it seems to run asolutely great! I did not have to rename any files, if you have problems maybe you should try downloading it from tpb as i did.
  13. Fishbong

    Release Firebox 5 Beta 3

    Works fine for me, but i had to delete everything in the "firefox" appdata folder or it would complain about another instance of firefox already running. Scrolling seems smoother than before, other than that i can't see any improvements. Takes a while to start up. Edit: did a comparison and...
  14. Fishbong

    Spec For The Ac Charger

    Just out of curiosity, why do you want to know that, R.B.? You don't have a Pandora, do you? Specs of the original Pandora charger are 5V 2A, The plug is 4mm by 1.7mm center positive.
  15. Fishbong

    Xperia Play

    So you hold the wiimote with one hand, and the phone with the other?
  16. Fishbong

    Assigning A Joypad Button To Another Joypad Button In Windows 7

    use Xpadder. Its easy to use and i think it can change around joypad buttons.
  17. Fishbong

    Beta Audiorace 1.5

    Thanks, that was indeed the problem. I didn't reinstall it after i flashed my Pandora with the Hotfix 5 beta, as i never used multimedia.
  18. Fishbong

    Beta Audiorace 1.5

    Doesn't work for me. Whenever i select an mp3, it goes to the title ("press start") screen.
  19. Fishbong

    Which One Should I Get

    According to you, you also do not post on these forums anymore :rolleyes: