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    Beta Public Beta Test

    You sure about that? I would have thought that it would be based on the locale of the pc the person is using to format it for that region. If not, then thats sloppy of them. To add my 2 cents, I'm with you milkshake. Internal, or filenames I would use YYYYMMDD but are different to what I would...
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    Media Reports

    Just so people know I may not be about at the moment but I do keep the media thread OP updated if you post to this thread.
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    Pandora Press Reviews

    Cool Gurso, just wasn't sure as I hadn't read the thread, and never had/or will have time to at moment. (hopefully it never sounded rude :) ) I've already updated the media thread linking to this thread and his article.
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    Pandora Press Reviews

    There's currently a media reports thread, or does this one serve a different purpose? Edit Sorry if it does as I've not read any of the thread.
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    Development Bounties

    These things seem to already be happening, and at a very fast rate. I really don't see how the money would make any difference in the example you gave.
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    Pnds And Directory Structure

    Check faq, user manual, I need help sub forum. As I'm sure your going to have more questions. General should be for, I've cancelled, I'm not going to cancel, and general Pandora discussions.
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    What Can You Do With Pandora?

    I think sometimes people gets hung up on processor speeds, or even the power of the console. Thinking it equates to what can or can't be done. Something like the Saturn which is an older console, less powerful, but the architecture is what makes it so hard to emulate. Architecture being what...
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    Overclocking And Overvolting

    It seems the memory is asynchronous going by what Exo says, so that doesn't seem like it would explain why some people are getting faster speed in PSX4Pandora at a lower frequency. Mali, it seems that PSX4Pandora is more demanding on the system (or part of it) than Mupen64, so the overclocks...
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    Op: You Did Well!

    Oh, you people just want to rub our noses in the fact that you got your's and how great it is! Can't wait to do the same :P
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    Pandora Production Progress!

    Oh for the record I use filename/dir with the format of YYYYMMDD
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    Pandora Production Progress!

    I wasn't talking about best way to format it for a filename. But like I said it was a genuine question.
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    Beta Mupen64Plus

    He was referencing it for his point, not reposting it
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    Pandora Production Progress!

    @jasay and Caine I should search for the other times this has come up. But anyway, storing and internal representation I find to be different to the way people like to read it. Out of curiosity is that how you would right the date on paper to hand to someone else to read?
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    Overclocking And Overvolting

    Different demands, so not strange really. Once we can change the voltage, may become stable at 880 for both (if not higher) Be nice to find out at what speeds the multiplier changes at etc. As there are reports that PSX4Pandora sometimes runs faster at say 600 than 650. Been speculated it...
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    Probably would be nice to give some info bit like the psx compatibility thread. Just so we have an idea what it was overclocked to etc. Be nice to check out a new vid of N64 so thanks, I'll do it when I get home tonight :D
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    The Beta sub-forum is more for specific type feedback, it's sort of a one step up from the development sub-forum. For general discussion surrounding it this is the place to post.
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    Pandora Pancake Pandora Sdk Survey

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    Here It Is My Totally Biased And Flawed Review :)

    Wow I never noticed that....
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    Beta Psx4Pandora Beta

    If you need a wider sample don't forget the compatibility thread. They post updates to your releases pretty fast. I've not checked out the spreadsheet to see how quickly it's updated.