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    This Is Just Sad.

    There are many emulators that don't exist yet. How about dedicated optimised CPS1, CPS2, etc? Then there are the quickie drive by ports like NeoGeo, Coleco, AtariST etc that kind of work but are either not optimised and/or the interface is rough. Many leave the PC type interfaces and menus...
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    Release GPSP For Pandora... From Notaz!

    Any idea as to why Space invaders and Iridion II crash on this version but work on the Wiz/GP2X version? Seems weird. Thanks for the great work.
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    Gba Emulator That You Can Adjust The Screen Size

    Thanks for the good work Notaz and Exophase. I found a couple of games that used to work but don't now, Space invaders does weird graphical glitches then hangs on the title screen and IridionII crashes emu to MM (this worked before on Wiz but was real slow). Just info in case you were squashing...
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    Ds Hinge In Pandora, Success!

    If they were designed in then we would have had to order these hinges from aftermarket resellers. That is bad practice as they come and go. We inquired with the current OEM company that makes both the Pandora off the shelf hinges and the DS ones. We asked about putting in the DS ones with two...
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    Nintendo 3DS

    It seems IGN has become the "Fox news" of game sites. We distort, you divide!
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    D PSP emulator

    What is it with everyone requesting emus that are impossible to run at a playable speed? :P I mean DS, PSP, Saturn, Dreamcast, Ps2, Xbox 360, 3DS? really? What ever happened to stuff that is doable like GBA, 3DO, Jaguar (one game T2K), CPS1, CPS2, N64 etc?
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    Nintendo ds emulator

    I know it is dumb even talking about this but if you did that where would you put the lower touchscreen area then ;) A lenticular screen would have to be made explicitly for the pitch of the Pandora LCD too.
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    Nintendo 3DS

    I remember when it came out I said it was too expensive. I thought it should have came out for $169 US. I mean $250 for a handheld in the days of cellphones iPads etc was way too much. The problem is they blew it. Since it came out at $250 during a global great recession "no one" bought it...
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    3DS price drops from $250 to $170 Problem solved. This actually works great, I am suprised everyone with a 3DS doesn't have one.
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    Nintendo ds emulator

    I can't wait for the day when someone asks for a 3DS emulator, then claims one is 100% going to happen, and then even goes as far as saying the 3D effect can be emulated too.
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    Release Temper (Split from other thread)

    Almost. Anyway just saw this thread, seems odd that there wasn't any mention of this on the GP32X site. My suggestions were use the Pandora res for finer horiz scaling as now it is pretty course using the Wiz resolution to do it then doubled on the Pandora. As for bugs most of the stuff I...
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    Stuff, Nobody Was Able To Answer Me Yet

    I wonder if the new cables with the thicker traces is causing some kind of crosstalk with the speakers?
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    For Sale Sony Vgn Ux380N And Accessories

    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
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    I Would Like To Achieve This

    You would probably just be better off waiting for the Vita to be cracked..
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    Prospective Console Recruitment

    Yeah but now we kind of have a feel for what they can and can't do. In the future the design can be made to fit their production more like adding more drastic draft angles etc.
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    So Many Pandora Handheld For Sale

    You lie. I never said "dev are like shit" or "shitty emulators" so stop saying things I didn't. I know it is great to exaggerate to attempt to make a point but it is also bogus.
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    Prospective Console Recruitment

    Looks like an interesting project. You should have much better luck with it due to it not being clamshell, to expensive and complex. This will still be a huge undertaking though, hopefully that guy has a spare million or so to put into it. My advice would be to not use CircuitCo. ;) I do...
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    So Many Pandora Handheld For Sale

    If raw power was the only thing that would be true. The thing is phones all have crap controls for games. That turns all emulators into mostly cool tech demos "wow cool a PSX game on my phone" "I can't really play it but at least it runs smooth". The issue with the Pandora is mostly the...
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    So Many Pandora Handheld For Sale

    Well kinda' yes.
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    So Many Pandora Handheld For Sale

    Another reason is probably that development has pretty much dried up. If it weren't for the PSX emu there would basically be no new improvements/releases on emulators. The fact that there is still no good native GBA, PC engine, Amiga, etc (most are just ported fom the GP2X not using Pandora...