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    Gba Ezflash 2 Powerstar X2

    Long time no see I've got a couple of GBA "EZ-Flash 2 PowerStar" both are 128mbit and it includes the USB connector I will ship anywhere, but the UK is gonna be cheapest I'm thinking £40+p&p for the lot, but if thats too high just post a different offer also I have a GBA SP tribal going if...
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    Outrun 2006 Coast 2 Coast

    i got this game last week for the PS and it is frigging amazing it doesnt look quite as good as Outrun 2 on the Xbox or Arcade (but what does) but for the PS2 there is abosolutely no pop up not to be one to herald a game on its looks alone this game plays like a dream so far I have never had...
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    HELLO the latest version of Opera has no ads, they have finally decided to make it free gotta say its a bit quicker than firefox, although the default skin is a bit light :P
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    New Mp3 Player

    Just got my new MP3 player the other day Which has now joined the ranks with my Pocket PC, Karma and ZEN It is made by Aiptek (WHO THE FUCK?) and it's all built into te headphones It was £90 for 512mb, and the sound really ain't ha;f bad but the greatrst thing about these are that they...
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    Putting Linux On A Usb Hardrive

    I might be buying an external USB hardrive (80gb) for my laptop (only 40gb) and was wondering if i could get linux onto it and boot into linux when the drive is plugged in any help would be muc appreciated
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    Excellent!! Porn For Psp

    I was amazed to find a section in PlayAsia fr Adult UMDs I took a look and THIS is what i found (WARNING< ADULT CONTENT) Made me chuckle that they have already released 8 pr0n UMDs, and that one of them is called "Premature flesh is the area which became wet hotly"
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    Killer 7

    Hey, I got killer 7 yesterday, and i'm just wondering if anyone else has it the game is very good, and there are riddles which require you to do some thinking the biggest niggle i have with the game is that you can only talk to your guide once in each location, so if you misunderstood...
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    Paintshop Pro

    Ho hum, I was in town today when i spied PSP8 for £25 i already have PhotoShop elements, but i'm wondering if its worth getting PSP for that price (and no i will not d/laod PS or PSP illegally, too mcuh effort) i just wanted to know the major differences between the two, sinc I have never used PSP
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    Hello, I got 1 chatboard for sale looking for around £6 inclusive of the postage and packaging I think ive only used it once (incase n e ones wondering i am selling it because i now use my pocketpc for all keyboard based emus)
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    Pc Engine

    I was just wondering if anyoe knew anywhere that did PCEngines (preferably Super Grafx) I have looked on ebay and they are going quite cheap, but im not a massive fan of ebay I have also looked at Telegames, but they charge SOOOOOOOOO much so i was just wondering if anywhere knew a highstreet...
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    Viewtiful Joe Anime

    has anyone seen the new Viewtiful Joe anime yet??
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    Paper Mario 2

    With all the threads about GTA:SA i thought id start a thread about possibly the most beautiful game ever PAPER MARIO 2 in case nyone doesnt know bout it yet:
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    Ps2 Hdd Probs

    hey, my mate got a maxtor 120gb HD for his PS2 and HDLoader He has connected it all up, but when he puts HDLoader in and turns the PS2 on it freezes at the splash screen just wondering if anyone can help out
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    GP32 Need A Hand

    tbh, the title was just to fool no-dev people into not opening the topic I am looking for a willing dev'r to do a piece for the second issue of my mag its a lot to ask, but i am looking to do a "my favourite game" sorta thing where by a dev basically pics there favourite GP32 and explains why...
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    Gp32 Flu

    Selling a GP32 FLU with box and manual etc small damage the light guide. Works great as non-lit, but when FLU on a small black blotch in top corner is noticeable when displaying bright colours (some dust between light guide and screen) 2 SMC 128mb in wroking contidtion with my patented...
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    Pocket Pcs

    Hey, i just got paid, and I have an urge to spend some money i just wanted to know peoples thoughts on Pocket PCs (in particular HP ipaqs) and whether or not they are worth the money what sorta systems can be emulated on a 400mhz-ish PPC and are there any decent image editing suites...
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    Bor Character Help

    hello, I am having a go at a BOR mod, for the characers I am gonna use mofified MUGEN characters the mod will be a Chronicles of Riddick/Pitch Black game but i need a bald character to edit to become Riddick they have to be bald, muscly and have poweful looking punches I am looking for a...
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    somehow my brother managed to get 1on1 on my newly formatted PC, whilst formatting I set everthing up good and nice so I dont wanna format again DOES ANYONE KNOW HOW TO GET RID OF THIS DAMN THING
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    Pintsized Issue 1

    Hello The first issue of Pintsized is released Download it from the pinsized site (which is having difficulties at the moment) or FROM HERE t is in .fxe format so just unzip it and pop it on your GP :D :D :D A massive thanks to Dalto because he compiled it all for me :D :D :D forgot...
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    A3 Printer

    does anyone know where I can get a decent A3 printer for a reasonable price I am looking at This 'un at the moment I cant believ that my 6 megapixel printer cost £50 and one that prints 140% larger is that much more