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    Tales of an Assembly

    Haven't really anything to add to the conversation. Just wanted to chime in my thank you-s to Evil Dragon and his crew for their diligence in Pyra production. Very much looking forward to this. Thank you all.
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    Is there a way to get a LCD cable?

    Cheers levi. Thanks for coming back to this. Thought of a bunch of things to add in by way of details the second I logged off. What is it the French say? Tempete du exchequer or something like? Staircase wit? So before coming on here, I tried a bit of self help, so as not to waste anyone`s...
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    Is there a way to get a LCD cable?

    Hello all. Bit late to the party, but I am a long time fan of Pandora. Actually owned a pair for a while. My main one is certainly showing it's mileage, but mostly only in a cosmetic sense... until a few weeks back. Yay, pink & green is my screen now too. :( As a jury rig until I could...