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  1. ivanovic

    Release Frogatto 1.3.3

    Hi folks! Finally I found the time to look into updating the frogatto port. I directly stumbled across some bad issues which pickle was able to fix. Now we finally have a working 1.3.x Frogatto stable version for the pandora with all code changes merged upstream. Just head over to the repo and...
  2. ivanovic

    Release Battle for Wesnoth dev release

    Hi folks! After ages a new development release is now available for the Pandora. The latest release is 1.11.8 and available from the repo (the previous one available was 1.11.4!) and features significant changes for pandora players. This is why I am asking for some feedback in here. The most...
  3. ivanovic

    Crashes when using sdlmixer and vorbisfile

    Hi folks! As some of you might know there was no Wesnoth dev release available for the Pandora for quite some time. The reason is/was a nasty crash. It basically happened after the introduction of a new dependency against Last week I was able to do some testing and came to a...
  4. ivanovic

    Pandora Crosscompiler Toolchain Based On Ipks

    This is basically meant to continue the thread from the other board. It is based on "EDIT9" (introducing "Sourcery CodeBench Lite 2011.09-70 for ARM GNU/Linux") from the old thread in case any questions regarding the version arise. Hi everybody! Todays post is about yet another try on...
  5. ivanovic

    Pandora as laptop replacement at a "geek conference" / during holidays

    As some that frequent IRC might have heard I have spent the 22nd and 23rd of this Month in Mountainview at the Google Summer of Code 2011 Mentor Summit. This is basically a meeting of ~2 delegates from each open source project that participated in GSOC as mentoring organization. Following the...
  6. ivanovic

    New hope regarding the graphics driver?

    In case you have not seen this article yet, it might interest you: http://www.phoronix...._item&px=OTg3MA Looks like TI might be working on a new open source driver for the OMAP platform. Maybe this also tackles the chip shipped in the pandora. That is: The driver seems to be 2D only at the...
  7. ivanovic

    Release Frogatto 1.1.0-2

    Hi everybody! I just uploaded a new version (1.1.0-2) to the repo. I worked with pickle on fixing the "crash when dying" and found out that it happens when being reset into an area with water. The cause for the crash itself is basically "bad behavior of the graphics driver". Pickle managed to...
  8. ivanovic

    Release Wesnoth 1.8.6

    Wesnoth 1.8.6 is out now! This is a bugfixing release for the 1.8.x series. It fixes several outstanding bugs and updates many translations. The stable package is meant to be used as a stable and rather balanced version of the game. Each version of the 1.8 branch is compatible to each other...
  9. ivanovic

    Release Wesnoth 1.9.6

    Wesnoth 1.9.6 is out now! This is a development release, so it is likely to have some issues you would not expect in a stable series. Things are still in motion, many changes are happening and especially translations are incomplete since barely any translation team has started working on this...
  10. ivanovic

    German boards down

    At the moment the german boards are down. Usually they should be reachable via this link: When visiting this URL, this is the result: This post is basically meant as hint/reminder for ED in case he has not seen the mention of this in IRC.
  11. ivanovic

    PXML.xml Spec Changes - Versions

    @Tempel / @milkshake: How can I readout what the tools have put into the PND as PXML.xml? The file I made it use is looking like this: So I assume something went wrong with, though I am just using the latest version from the repo for this. When extracting the pnd using unsquashfs...
  12. ivanovic

    Release Smplayer

    Hi everyone! As part of testing my toolchain I also added some support for qmake. Since I somehow had to test it I compiled SMPlayer (a frontend for mplayer). It seems to have worked so I directly packaged it. The build is based on SMPlayer 0.6.9 without any further changes. It comes with the...
  13. ivanovic

    Pandora Crosscompiler Toolchain Based On Ipks

    New version available! A new version of the stuff mentioned below (including changed/updated instructions) is available. Please go to this post for the latest version of this crosscompiler toolchain installer! In case that your browser is broken, the correct post has number 11! Hi everybody...
  14. ivanovic

    Release Battle For Wesnoth

    You will find links to the latest stable and development release at the buttom of this post. Finally managed setting up the cross compile toolchain (following this howto), directly compiled Wesnoth and packaged it into a neat, little .pnd. Sadly had some problems accepting...
  15. ivanovic

    GP2X Wip & Help Wanted: Porting Battle For Wesnoth

    Hi everyone! In the last weeks grzywacz was working hard on making Wesnoth run on the GP2X. There now is a pre Alpha (only barely playable) available: wesnoth-gp2x-preAlpha-100506.tar.bz2 As I did state in the included readme we still have several problems left. The main problems are the general...