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    Hi, has any of the dev-board owners already tried the ARM built of the KaffeVM? I know it is not very complete, and doesn't even implement the full 1.2 JVM, but the more advanced VMs like Harmony don't support ARM (and likely won't do in the foreseeable future). any other recommendation on a...
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    Gngeo And S1945p Doesnt Work

    hi there! i used to play a lot of strikers 1945 plus with the 0.6.x version of gngeo. now i upgraded to the most current release and now there is this romrc.d directory with all the files. problem is: i cant get s1945p to work anymore. this is what my s1945p.rc looks like: #mame set of...
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    Striker1945 Plus And Snk Vs. Capcom

    hi there. well...i usually know how to get games running in GnGeo. mslugx, nam75 and others work great. but i cant get striker 1945 and snk vs capcom to work. this is in my romrc: #mame set of Striker 1945 Plus game s1945p MVS "Striker 1945 Plus" SM1 0x20000 254-m1.rom 0x0 0x20000 NORM END...