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  1. gunrock

    Should I have received my final order eMail already?

  2. gunrock


    It also did transparency more cheaply - the PowerVR had optimisations around that to reduce or speedup the read-modify-write operations (I presume it happened in a cache on the card's texture ram?)
  3. gunrock

    Should I have received my final order eMail already?

    You sure about that date? I ordered on 2nd May 2016 18:45 or so and my Pyra is not ready yet.
  4. gunrock

    Release PCSX ReARMed release thread

    Just seen there is a new update!!! Thanks Notaz. Will try it out later today.
  5. gunrock

    Box86 - Linux Userspace x86 Emulator

    ptitSeb - literal translation Petit Sebastian?
  6. gunrock

    Should I have received my final order eMail already?

    Once again, could the folks just receiving their Pyras, just let's us the order date and time, so we can gauge how close by (far-off?) we are in relation to that date and time.
  7. gunrock

    Finally, a bit more news!

    You sound bitter that you spent Bitcoin on a niche, small-run device, built on a shoestring by a small outfit, using a speculative currency. There's a massive amount of risk inherent in this transaction, so the chance that you will eventually get a Pyra (provided ED stays in business) for very...
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    Slackware inside Pandora.

    Thanks man. I'm looking to fix my shoulder button so I can boot this and try it out.
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    Is anybody still dev'in for the pandora?

    I just compiled a later version of ntfsprogs that supported resizing (version on Super Zaxxon doesn't), was thinking I could build a PND that installs it or should I ask Notaz if he can include it? 1681065943 I'd love to do some more Pandora dev, but time is at a premium.
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    Got your Pyra? Write it here for all

    Thanks for the updates. Can you guys say when you placed the order, please?
  11. gunrock

    Using a Pyra to rescue some old Amiga floppy disk

    Comes to something when we're holding up Perl as an example of how to do things! :oops:
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    How to install/ play Tetris GB classic on Pandora with Zaxxon?

    Can't work out if the OP is a new Pandora user or a ChatGPT output
  13. gunrock

    Beta ptitSeb's Beta Lair

    Ok, found the issue. I had an old version in the root of the SD card, called "codeblocks.pnd.1". Seems that the ".pnd" extension doesn't need to be at the end od the filename to be a valid extension! Sorry for the wasting of your time, folks.:$
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    Beta ptitSeb's Beta Lair

    I have one idea (sorry, didn't get to check it last night - will do tonight hopefully) if you rename the pnd, does that have any effect? Unlikely to me...
  15. gunrock

    Beta ptitSeb's Beta Lair

    @ptitSeb: I downloaded the pnd using wget on the pandora, (url: and renamed my old one. Then put this in the right place (media/[myvolume]/pandora/menu/codeblocks.pnd) and opened the dev command-line. The version of gcc is 9.1.0 and the PXML says...
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    Beta ptitSeb's Beta Lair

    Will try and look at it by this weekend. Thanks, man!
  17. gunrock

    Assembly restart. Software work. And maybe our next SoC?

    Well, anecdotally, I have a GPD Win Max 2021 and that is three months old and still going strong - I'll let you know in 3 months.
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    I saw that. Will believe it when there's more details and maybe an example video on the GPD YT channel. Are there USB 4 enclosures out there already?
  19. gunrock


    I'd prefer the AMD version (especially with this Intel "little cores are just cores" BS) but I'd want eGPU, not for gaming for CUDA/AI video scaling. Drivers and performance seem better supported in Nvidia hw than AMD.