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    Windows 95 On The Gp2x

    After thinking about the possibilitys of haveing win95 on this gp2x why dont we get a copy of win95 rip it apart to remove most its core files(things that are not needed) includeing shell(explorer.exe) , and then use update the os's vb6 runtime files then use whats left of the platform to run...
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    New Project

    might be difficult if its non digital since in the uk they will be terminateing all analogue stations in about 5 years i think it is , and i dont fancy a huge freeview box on it that requies 240V lets see ya 2700mAh batterys run that then :-)
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    Gp32 Christmas Wish

    i think id want the bug in drmd fixed thats preventing me from saveing sonic 3 states(maybe more games effected)... but i guess that wont be done now as most dev's are moveing to the new gpx2 Steve
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    looks interesting ,i havent got a gpx2 yet im keeping im distance and watching whats happening etc (not diveing in like the goons will when blue ray dvd drives are out) , im planning to get one after xmas when everying has been debuged includeing the self destruct (self bricking) are there any...
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    Public Announcement From The Official Web

    so i guess the screen faults cant be repaired with firmware updates
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    Whatever Happened To....

    i still want that sonic revenge it was something i was really looking forward to on my gp32 , can anyone find out anything?
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    Don't Let This Happen To Your Gp32!

    think all our gp32 will be like that soon with the gp2x coming out they wont be played anymore and get loney and turn to crime to feed there alcohlic addictions
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    Drmd Version 4.1

    yeah thats what im getting , i cleared extra space on smc and scandisked it allso restored roms from backups incase file damage,still cant fix it.. steve
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    Drmd Version 4.1

    are you saying that any game that uses sram cant save game states anymore?
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    Drmd Version 4.1

    is anyone haveing problems with saveing states? on sonic 3 and knuckles attached when ever i try saveing it crashes and reboots after waiting some time for the save to complete.... Steve
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    Sega Saturn

    Die hard arcade kicks ass ,short game but its great ,i have the full version on cd here somewhere few others i should probly back em up to iso... if you can get duke3D thats allso great , shoot up all the bogs in every level to get death tank addon game- great game for multiplayer im still...
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    Sonic Doom...

    ive been really looking forward to this doom mod i hope its not dead :(
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    New Version Of Scorched Gp

    oh , i wernt sure what it was made in , just a idea for the future i guess
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    New Version Of Scorched Gp

    seems it was the batterys in the end but in dont know why because they were newly charged... strange love the game by the way , id like to see multiplayer on it implimented by gp32 that links by usb to main pc that handles all network communications that can link upto a game server where all...
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    New Version Of Scorched Gp

    interesting game :-) unfortiunately as soon as i hit the emimy tank the gp32 just rebooted and im not sure why (bats are ok)....... Steve
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    First Beta Of My Tanks Game :)

    reminds me of death tank that used to be on the sega saturn :-)
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    Gpx2 Wireless Idea

    noobs dont know how to use encyption ;-) its just a cool feature i thaught of for detecting/pin pointing wireless hot spots , maybe it could log the location and upload it to a hot spot map or something Steve edit: it may be possible to use this idea to track a stolen unit if software is...
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    God Damn It. Thats Another Hdd Blown

    stay away from WD drives as they seem to be the worst drives ive seen , ive got a 200gb hdd totally non oprational now and it was less than a year old when failure as for bad blocks/disk sectors run scandisk to attempt to mark them so there never used again , normaly that procedure with wd is...
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    Gpx2 Wireless Idea

    just brain storming over this idea one night , i know this Gpx2 wont have wireless support unfortinately maybe it could be added by its usb port assumeing it has one :D basicly my idea was to have that gps mod used in the first gp32 put it into the Gpx2 allong with wireless then you have a...
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    Why Would You Choose The Gp32ii Over The Psp?

    at least with game park they dont dump there consoles after about 2/3 years or something meaning no more games like the psp probly will , its like the ps2 thats about to be dumped for a ps3 (dunno when exactly) gamepark dont keep makeing a new console every 5 mins like evey other huge game...