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    Flash On Linux On Gp2x

    Does anyone know if you can port Flash .swf files to the gp2x? I have made some games in Flash and would love to refine them on a handheld. Ex: I am a newbie to Linux but know enough about the programming end to be dangerous. Any suggestions...
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    F200 Stella Works

    I am not sure (I only know web programming PHP, ASP, etc.). But the default settings seem to be at 31400 and just like all other sound problems on the F200, need to be set down to 22050.
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    F200 Stella Works

    I was having problems getting Stella to run on the gp2x f200 because I was using 2600 v1.0.4 as my Atari emulator. However, if you download the Stella version on Sourceforge, change the sound in the options menu (audio settings), you can play Stella on your f200. Sorry if people have already...