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    High Speed Usb

    Thanks. When you say "full speed USB 2.0 mode", you mean "high speed USB 2.0 mode", right? Have you tried all three settings I've talked about - 1GB, 2GB SD cards and NAND memory and got the same transfer speeds? Yes, I already have a card reader. But when I bring my GP2x to a friend's...
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    High Speed Usb

    I've searched everywhere. But I haven't found out the answer to this question. Hopefully, someone can help. That is - when does the GP2X's Device USB Port operate in High-speed USB mode? I've done some testing on a high-speed USB host port on my computer and it seems that I can only get...
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    Which Snes Emualtor Is The Best To Get.....

    Can you tell me the specific reason to rename from cpu_speed.gpe to cpu_speed? If I just leave it as cpu_speed.gpe, I just have to make sure that I use in my text script: #!/bin/sh /mnt/sd/cpu_speed.gpe 1 2 275 1.4 .... right? This way, I can still run cpu_speed.gpe from the utilities menu...
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    Squidge's Mmu Hack: Discovery Of The Month :)

    Thanks. That's where I got my info originally. But I recently saw EvilDragon submitting Gngeo V0.6.12c and saw pepone and reesy working on squidgesnes and got all confused.
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    Squidge's Mmu Hack: Discovery Of The Month :)

    Hey guys, I wanna donate a small amount (~$50) towards the development of gngeo, drmd, and squidgesnes. But I am still confused by who to donate to. I'm pretty sure that Reesy's the man for drmd and I know where's the email address. But for gngeo, is it EvilDragon or Pepone? Also, for...
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    Drmd V5 Beta 3

    There seems to be two executables with the downloaded file: DrMD.gpe (version 5b2 but probably updated with the tv-out fix) and DrMDv5b3.gpe (version 5b3 ofcourse). Both seems to have no problems with tv-out.
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    Drmd V5 Beta 3

    "Altered Beast" is a bit weird with version B3. The main character "shakes" while moving.
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    If You Are In The Us Order From

    I ordered the cable from GP32z and they sent me the old cable still (the one that needs an index card to hold it in place). This was near the end of May when PA was temperarily out of stock on it. Sigh, should have waited.
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    I Need Help With Gngeo2x

    Alright, I think I have the answers. It is most likely the roms you're using. You're probably downloading them from the "Neo Geo" sections of your particular website. Once you open them, they all probably have the .rom extension. For example - for (2020 baseball), you probably got...