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    Cannot log into repo

    Hi, I don't know where else to ask. I cannot log into, it says "This account has not yet been validated.", yet I do not have a validation email. The account is already a bit old, maybe it was never validated. The username is "Sandman". Is there anyone with the right...
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    Bennu Port

    Well first preview of a Bennu port to the GP2X. :) Well I actually have had it done for some weeks, just wanted to perfect it, but then my GP2X broke (well I broke it, will fix it this weekend if I have time). But anyway, here is the first release. Let me know if it is to your liking. :) Cool...
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    Fenix Type Alignment

    Could someone with a gp2x and fenix 0.92a (or another one, but preferably 0.92a), run this code and post back the result? This would be very awesome. :) The point of the test is to determine whether or not Fenix counteracts on the default alignment option on the arm cpu. CODE #ifdef...
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    Ext Port Modelnumber / Part Number

    Greetings, What is the modelnumber / part number of the EXT port or its male buddy? Thank you, Sandman
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    External port

    I'm very interested in the specification of the external port. I've come to know it has 14 positions and it has s-video, line-in and line-out, but that is all. Is there a page describing the port and its functionality in a detailed fashion? Thanks PS: this question is more or less aimed at...