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    Cannot log into repo

    Hi, I don't know where else to ask. I cannot log into, it says "This account has not yet been validated.", yet I do not have a validation email. The account is already a bit old, maybe it was never validated. The username is "Sandman". Is there anyone with the right...
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    Release SuperZaxxon Final released!

    Thanks for the suggestion. The file bootf.tgz was there, but I decided to recopy everything except the root image and then the pandora booted properly. So I guess that file was corrupt. Thanks,
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    Release SuperZaxxon Final released!

    Yes, I did that.
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    Release SuperZaxxon Final released!

    Yes, I manually verified using md5sum. The flashing process itself does this check as well (and it passed).
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    Release SuperZaxxon Final released!

    Hi, I flashed my unit twice with the new firmware, but on both occasions got "Failed to load kernel, you may need to reflash the firmware.". I tried searching for an answer but came up empty. Could anyone tell me how to fix this? Thanks,
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    Preparing for Germany (2011-08-26)

    I vote for better hardware as well. But as my unit has not been shipped yet, I would definitely want the new components and not the old one from CC. I would be willing to pay for an upgrade, but it should not exceed 50 euro. I would definitely like to have an email claiming my unit is near...
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    Your pandora has been shipped

    Good going, ED. :) How many second day and how many third day orders were made at your shop?
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    About Replacement Styli

    Nice stylus, I want one too. :-)
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    A fresh start

    I welcome this.
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    Map_Get_Pixel In Bennugd?

    This function is in mod_draw: import "mod_draw"
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    First Bennugd Wiz/pc Contest

    Sure Bennu can 'access' 3D. If you have the proper shader hardware and drivers (meaning nVidia, as ATi somehow fails to implement vertex texture fetch :( ), you can run this project which uses Bennu for its logic. Naturally this won't run on the Wiz, but all I'm saying is that a language doesn't...
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    I'd sure like this on my Pandora. Hope it'll see the light some day.
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    Programming On The Pandora For Mortals

    I'm a bit late, but... QUOTE (may88) I was aware that Bennu had risen from Fenix's ashes. The whole break up and lack of English documents rather put me off. As my spare-time coding comes in little periods of enthusiasum so fenix was lost to me. Others however have done great things with it...
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    Fenix Dev Environment

    Alternatively, use Bennu. There's an easy installer for Linux (at time of posting, 1.0.0.RC3 is the latest), which sets up the compiler, interpreter and default modules. After this, you can just do: CODE bgdc myGame.prg and CODE bgdi myGame Unfortunately, if you are using libraries that have...
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    Use Fileinfo. CODE #ifdef COMPILER_VERSION import "mod_say" import "mod_dir" #endif Process Main() Private string filename; Begin While( (filename = Glob("*")) != "") if( say("[DIR] " + filename); else...
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    Quad-Ren scripting language

    Have a look at Bennu (wiki: ), it may be a nice choice. It is the continuation of Fenix and designed for games. Plus, integration is easy to do. Good luck with the project. [EDIT] Though this game monkey looks interesting too at first sight. :P
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    Game Development Language (Bennu) for Pandora games

    Well, then Bennu should run even faster. You can view the SVN repo here and checkout from here.
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    Game Development Language (Bennu) for Pandora games

    Aye, I know it's been ported, but is it optimized? I remember the thread on, but I don't remember if it was a recompile or a full-blown port with optimizations allover. Wikipedia says: # CPU: 533MHz ARM9 3D Accelerator # 3D Acceleration and TV Out So well, I don't know if there's a...
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    Game Development Language (Bennu) for Pandora games

    Sure, a port to the Wiz is very feasible. The code compiles without complications for the GP2X, so I have no doubt it will run on the Wiz. :) However, optimizations specifically for the Wiz could be a different story. I don't have a Wiz so I can't perform this task, but if anyone else is...
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    Game Development Language (Bennu) for Pandora games

    SplinterGU took Fenix 0.84 and made vast improvements to it, resulting officially in Fenix 0.92a (unofficially in Fenix 0.93). However, due to some arguments with the community, things weren't going cool, so he decided to take matter into his own hands and fork Fenix, but I'm not sure of the...