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    Technology misuse in China + virus = facepalm. Hopefully, the mask is made of paper !
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    Watterott electronic shop -50% discount

    Hi, they are changing their website, and they're doing -50% on every article listed in their old site: There's not that much interesting stuff left, but power supplies and hdmi cables are cheap.
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    Ideas for Nucleo F429ZI board projects

    Hi, Do you have some electronics projects ideas for this board ? It have to be bare metal with the minimum amount of accessories (e.g. plug outputs on inputs with simple wires, use a usb stick etc.). Also it must be ideas around the...
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    NLNet Funds Development of a Libre RISC-V 3D CPU
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    Is it ok to distribute an OS with a passwordless ssh root access... ?

    Is it ok to distribute an OS with a passwordless ssh root access, and without informing the users ? ---EDIT: FYI, ssh is a network access.
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    MicroSD Express unlocks hyper-fast data speeds for mobile devices
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    Linus Torvalds on Why ARM Won't Win the Server Space
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    Vulkan and path tracing Quake 2
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    Scrum and Agile software development

    Hi, for those of you having some experience with this kind of project management methods, I'd be interested in having some feedback about it from you. Do you like it, did you see successful or failed attempts, improvements over traditional, if no method at all etc. ?
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    Archiving C64 tapes correctly
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    TI’s first 64-bit SoC debuts on Linux-driven Phytec module
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    OpenScope MZ: Open-source All-in-one Instrumentation Hi, did anyone of you tried this one ? Is the software good ? Have you a good product like this one to recommend ?
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    Lightweight C graphics library for the Linux framebuffer with parallelism support

    FBGraphics :
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    Classic Amiga assembler tutorial
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    Hacker gets Super NES games running on unmodified NES

    Not the 1st april :
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    Gnuplot question

    Hi, I have this data file : Total time 1845 1064 1056 etc. I plot it using: set terminal svg size 1024,768 set title 'test' set xlabel 'try' set ylabel 'Time (sec)' set style data histogram set style histogram clustered gap 1 set style fill solid 1 noborder set xtics scale 0 plot ARG1 using...
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    [Solved] Same C code, different result on x86 and ARM

    Hi, this is a Sobel filter. It compiles on x86_64 and ARM 32 and 64, and must be used with a 8bit grayscale .bmp . The problem is that the execution on ARM 32 and 64 produces a garbage image, and I have absolutely no idea why. I tried GCC 5 and 7 on ARM64. Any thoughts ?
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    C, binary fopen, read data range from bytes

    Hi, I've used fopen with the b flag on a binary file. I can read the octets (8 bit bytes) one by one from the start with a loop, no problem. But let's say I have at the start of the file: 12 23 34 45 56 67 78 89 90 etc. I need to read the little endian data part corresponding to 89 78 67 56...
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    Xz format inadequate for long-term archiving
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    Avast open-sources its machine-code decompiler