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    For sale: Psion 3a & NetBook, Alphasmart Neo 1 & Dana, OLPC XO-1, Sinclair Z88, Tandy WP-2 & WP-3, Upgraded RiscPC, EOS animator

    [Updated 2020-08-04 to add more machines and photos.] Offers please: - Alphasmart Dana. - Alphasmart Neo 1. - Tandy WP-2 and a WP-3. A great little portable word processor from the '90s. I actually used a Tandy WP-3 as my main computer through the first year of university... in 2006... I...
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    Close up high volume keyboard video

    Can the forum recommend me a video which shows a close up of someone using the keyboard for a sustained period (thumb or desk typing), with a camera angle that focuses on the keyboard, and good enough sound that really captures the click? I'm looking to get a sense of how tactile the keys feel...
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    How is the Pyra supply chain holding up during the pandemic?

    Self contained question in the headline really. One for ED if he sees it. I know from my own business that PCB manufacture is especially hit hard. Other components are flowing but with big backlogs of orders. Given the advanced state of the Pyra manufacturing and stock, what effect will the...
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    Running Windows software on ARM with Wine An interesting article about a guide written for running Windows programs on ARM. I also thought it worth pointing Notaz's efforts being reported.
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    FS: Boxed 1GHz Pandora + TV-out + 32GiB Class10 card + charger

    [SOLD. Apologies to moderators for missing the rule about having the forum name in a picture and not correcting it before the sale concluded.] Hi all, I'm selling my silver 1GhZ Pandora as I've not had a use for it for the past year. Its in good condition with only a few minor scratches you...
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    iPlayer now working on Firefox on Pandora

    Until recently the iPlayer website would turn Firefox away for being an 'unsupported mobile browser'. But the site's undergone an overhaul recently and it seems to work. Last time Firefox on Pandora was allowed through I was using a Rebirth, and it was a slideshow. But now its perfectly...
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    Tails: Secure and Anonomous Debian Could anyone tell me if it would be possible to make this Debian derivative work on the Pyra as an alternative to straight Debian? I'd suggest it as the default OS, but I know the slowdown from Tor would piss most people off.
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    Deus Ex and the Pyra

    (This didn't seem like a fit for the "Pyra Community Ideas" board, but feel tree to move it if needs be.) I've seen the specs for the Pyra. All very good, seemingly. I have a few questions about it that I hope the community should be able to answer. Firstly, what are the chances of the...
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    WiFi toggle is gone

    Title says it all, really. I use a USB plugin dongle most of the time for better performance, but it would be nice to be able to use the built in one at times to keep the battery running for longer. Anyone got any ideas?
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    Gods damned nubs

    I've owned four different Pandoras over  the years. Faulty, faulty, traded, retained. Three were CC, the last and current is a 1GHz. All of them have given me the exact same experience with the nubs. They are god awful. When they work, they work well. An innovative solution to the need for...
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    Port Request: OpenSCAD ($40/$80 starting bounty)

    Hello all, I'm a long time Pandora owner, though I've found myself using it less and less for various reasons. I'm also founder of Bristol Braille Technology, which is a tiny start up not-for-profit making displays for blind people. The one thing which has always been missing for me when...
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    Understanding the nubs

    This was being discussed in the 'Ask ED' board, but, since I was asking the community in general, I thought it best to move the question to the 'Support' board. Quote: "i think if an emu crashes in joystick mode then the nubs may be affected.imo 99% of issues are solved with a reflash. Try...
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    Some help with XFCE much appreciated

    Nothing whatsoever to do with Pandora or the iControlpad, but I've gotten the impression that there are quite a lot of people here with a good knowledge of GNULinux. So, if that's you, your thoughts on the following much appreciated. I've been running Linux Mint 13 Xfce 64-bit on a Thinkpad...
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    CPU Podule

    Assuming (and its a big assumption) that the rumours of / wishes for some sort modular Pandora 2 design are true, I would like to propose an idea. I suspect its been discussed before, in which case just point me in the direction of previous scornful rebuttals. On the ARM powered Acorn RiscPC...
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    Discuss: Bristol Braille

    Hello all, I'm a long term reader of the forum and 1st batch Pandora owner. The Open Pandora project in general, and its turbulant progress in particular, is one of the central inspirations behind the continuation of my own project, Bristol Braille Technology, and its product, the Quixote. We...
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    I'm experimenting

    In this post I discuss how to tighten the hinge, the importance of TV repair shops, and how to give your Pandora discreet rubber feet I have a Pandora. Its very well made (compared to the original one I received, certainly) and I like it a lot. Some things about it I do not like though. The...
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    Let him with $300,000 cast the first post

    Over on the 'Official News' bb EvilDragon's update on the future of the project seems to have rapidly degraded into a discussion about what role the community feels Craig should have in OPT. I am suprised how some people who may or may not have made a ~$500 purchase feel qualified to make a...
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    CAD Bounty

    Hello all, I'm a Pandora owner who moonlights as Director of Development for Bristol Braille Technology. I should like to combine these two things in order to continue developing our prototypes whilst out and about with the Pandora. To this end I am proposing a bounty on a CAD software...
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    A tease

    " On 23 June 2011 15:20, openpandorasales <> wrote: > Dear Ed, > > Sorry again for the late reply and sending a new console. We are > despatching today via UPS. > > Thank you for your patience and understanding. " Followed by ... " Please...
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    Hello all, I'm attempting to install and run HaXe for a new project I'm involved with. Unfortunately I've hit a problem ... And another ... And another ... Firstly, to install HaXe I need Objective Camel, or ocaml. I couldn't find ocaml on the opkg package manager (but I'm not at all...