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  1. Orkie

    Orcus 1.2.0

    A new version of Orcus, the bare metal hardware library for F100 and F200 has just been released and is now available in the devkitPro pacman repo. New features in this release: 2D accelerator Palette modes on RGB layers Functions to use of MMU/PU/caches on both the ARM920 and ARM940 for added...
  2. Orkie

    Orcus 1.1.0

    As previously promised in the Open2x bootloader post, the environment and libraries for building bare metal binaries are now available. Orcus, punisher of broken promises, and god of the underworld, finally delivers what used to be called 'HH' - the ability to write homebrew which doesn't depend...
  3. Orkie

    Open2x bootloader 1.0 - unfinished business..

    I thought I'd post this up since it's now feature complete (at least enough for a first release). I've written an entirely new GP2X bootloader from scratch, which can do a few things the original u-boot can't like loading bare metal executable files (more on this to come), kernels and even...
  4. Orkie

    Ps3 - Faulty Blu Ray Drive

    Don't ask why I bought this - I know nothing about them, I thought it might be entertaining to have a poke around and see if I could fix it up, but now I'm working full time and I don't really have the time or motivation for it in the evenings. A 40GB PS3, works other than that the drive...
  5. Orkie


    Has anybody managed to get JTAG working on the Wiz? I have both versions of the developer board and two prototypes, but I just can't figure out how to hook it all up and how to set up the software.
  6. Orkie

    Caanoo / WIZ Howto: Turn Off The Wiz In Software

    #include <stdio.h> #include <unistd.h> #include <fcntl.h> int main(int argc, char* argv[]) { int fd = open("/dev/GPIO", O_RDWR); ioctl(fd, 2); } Not very exciting, but a couple of people have asked me how to do this. I'll put it into libcastor sometime when I have time to see what...
  7. Orkie

    Kernel And U-Boot Source

    I am so angry about GPH not releasing the kernel source. I think I will just sit here whine about it on these forums constantly. Whatever is the world coming to when people can't read your mind, honestly. Wait! What is this? All it took was for me to ask for the source and I got it within 2...
  8. Orkie

    Dingoo A320 - Basically New

    I'm selling my A320, because I wasn't really that interested in it by the time it came. This is basically new, I only took it out of the box twice - once to try it out and once to take these photos. It is of course fully working, and comes with the USB cable, USB AC adapter, headphones and TV...
  9. Orkie

    Gpfce 0.4 For Wiz

    Hooked it up to libcastor and got it playing nicely with some advice from Pickle on how to build it. Slight tearing because I haven't got any kind of double buffering in libcastor yet (though I did get wait for vsync working earlier, so at least half of my objectives for 0.3 have been met :D)...
  10. Orkie

    Libcastor 0.2

    Updated! Since the last release, I have added 8bit paletted mode support, alpha blending, colour key inversion and colour key transparency. Also available now is some stuff for the RTC. I have changed the framebuffer interface slightly: it now is accessed through lc_fb0 and lc_fb1 rather than...
  11. Orkie

    Wiz Sighted In Magazine

    higgylm has spotted the Wiz in a magazine.
  12. Orkie

    Libcastor 0.1

    For anybody who already has a Wiz, here is something to try if you are bored. For everybody else, maybe it will be interesting to look at, who knows? ;) libcastor is a small library designed to give direct hardware access under Linux on the Wiz. Somewhat similar to Minimal Library on the GP2X...
  13. Orkie

    Openwiz Toolchain

    Was messing around earlier. Here is a package of stuff you need to get started developing for the Wiz under Linux. It is derived from the Open2x stuff. Copy the config file as .config into a crosstool-ng 1.2.4 setup and build the toolchain with that. Then run the library build script. It isn't...
  14. Orkie

    Open2x Test Toolchain/libs

    Been working on a new toolchain/library build system (in preparation for Wiz stuff). Anybody who feels like testing it for me, I've uploaded it all into the directory linked to below. Probably only works on *NIX for now (Cygwin *might* work, not tried). Has the latest versions of all the...
  15. Orkie

    Open2x Dr4

    All my enthusiasm has been sapped at the moment due to various changes in the scene, so I am going to throw this out there in the hope that I will get interested again. I'm not sure that many people on here now have even seen a GP2X/GP32 though. F100 only for now, if (and only if) I see enough...
  16. Orkie

    Bsd Branded Sex Toys Now Available!

    Went into Bath to get tea tonight and ended up going to the Litten Tree. In the toilets, guess what I spotted...
  17. Orkie

    Gp2x Power Supply Mod

    I have no idea if this has been done before, but here is mine to show off :P. Basically, the 1A power supply from Argos wasn't enough for my GP2X (never has been) and the GP2X often crashes on bootup due to it drawing huge amounts of current when first turned on (1.5A, settling to 0.5A after...
  18. Orkie

    Complete GPH 4.1 Firmware Source Code Released

    Senor Quack has discovered that GPH released the complete 4.1 source code on the sly. They didn't tell anybody! The menu code is even available now. I don't know if they intended for that, they've always been pretty anti releasing it before, but now we have it regardless...
  19. Orkie

    Name And Shame

    I'm sick of this, PoisonedV PlopperZ is being a complete idiot over this blind hate for TINXL. I would just like to shame him here so that he might get the message that is isn't welcome on the wiki, and I assume not here either. He went through all the TINXL planning pages and replaced them with...
  20. Orkie

    Wanted: 100 Yen Coins

    I picked up a candy cabinet recently and I want to revert the coin mechanism to yen for authenticity, but clearly I need yen to do this! I don't think the post office has foreign coins so I'll need to find another place to get hold of them. Does anybody here have access to ten or so 100 yen...