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    Linux on GPD Win 1. Where to begin?

    The device is old enough that I would not expect any big issues when running Linux. Of course it might depend a bit on your general Linux knowledge or how persisten you are when searching for solutions on the web. Im writing this on a GPD Pocket with Debian where there are no problems at all...
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    GPD MicroPC

    I've only had mine for a about a month and it is doing fine. In fact it is awesome, smaller than it looks on the pictures and enough power to do everything I could think of doing on a system as compact as this. I swapped the SSD for a 512 GB one which is pretty ease. Remove 7 screws and pop off...
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    GPD MicroPC

    Well yes, but NO. I specifically mean the Debian tools for building not only a Kernel but complete Debian packages that can be installed via apt. "make-kpkg" and the like. Of course the Debian tools also include the GNU Toolchain for configuration and building. But building the Kernel in the...
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    GPD MicroPC

    I would install a base (commandline only) Debian using a netinstall image and booting from USB. You'll probably need to set the device up sideways and use an external keyboard. Then get the current RC Kernel sources and build it with the according Debian tools. I used to do this regularily...
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    The Internet of Things (Smart locks, etc...)

    The shirt is nice but it is missing an important fact... ... cause the "U" stands for updates! :-)
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    What are the best tips for learning Python within one month?

    I have just done a similar thing and worked trough after wanting to do some Python for many years now. And I found it quite good. Next I would suggest to take on a real project, creating a small program that you can use for a task you always wanted to have solved...
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    Secure Skype alternatives ?

    My first answer would be Riot. I know it's made with Electron and thus pretty heavy for an instant messenger. But for the moment it is the only fully-featured Matrix client available. And the Matrix protocol is really one to keep in mind for future messaging. Hopefully there will be more...
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    WIP Report: No known hardware issues, 30 days of uptime

    Well, in reality the Pyra is not much different from a Raspberrry Pi or any of the other Single Board Computer out there. It is indeed much cooler and includes lots of peripherals, a screen etc. but architecturally they are the same. Everyhing server related described in this thread is easily...
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    WIP Report: No known hardware issues, 30 days of uptime

    sftp is just a part of ssh. If you can log in via ssh, you can also use sftp to transfer files. It just feels like ftp and most current ftp clients also support sftp. It is not ftp via ssl tough, that's something different. Most or the time I use sftp from the commandline if I want to transfer...
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    2 Joypads on the Pyra. Easy?

    Not concerning the internal game controllers for the moment. I am sure one could install which comes with - just like on a Raspberry Pi. Then add some third party game controllers and you're on. If Emulationstation would then...
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    Back from Greece

    ... but it goes! Explanation for the non-german speakers. This is a literal translation of a common german saying and quite funny - if you speak the language. I think it was even used in that form for an ad-campaign looking for English teachers a few years ago. Translated it means your english...
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    Download Pyra Debian OS (WIP)

    I'm not sure if you just misspoke but I'll add this for clarity: Changing the sources.list from "buster" to "testing" has no effect this moment. Currently Debian testing is called "buster" and there is absolutely no difference between them. That will of course change when "buster" gets released...
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    An update of the waiting game

    Deckard, is it really you? I wonder how many people got that reference? On the other hand - is this line still used in later Diablo games or just the first one?
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    EU vs. US cellular hardware.

    Sorry I corrected my message above. It does NOT need any GPU as it is currently but it CAN use it with the Cycles renderer. Video editing and compression is purely run on a single CPU thread. I usually edit with blender, export a lossless video and then compress with ffmpeg (mostly via...
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    EU vs. US cellular hardware.

    There is a simple blender benchmark: Not very involved but good for a quick CPU render comparison. Blender does NOT need the GPU for rendering. The raytracing Cycles renderer can use CUDA/OpenCL if you have a supported GPU and configure it accordingly. Video encoding...
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    I understand your wish for that functionality. But do you expect to have to call Emergency Services with your Pyra ever? Do you plan to use it as your cellphone replacement? Because in all other cases I would just use my phone. That said, I would not count on E911 working without additional...
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    Gamescom 2017

    I've had the chance to play around with a GPD Pocket a few weeks back. If it weren't for the pyra, I'd instantly buy one. The build quality is very good, it looks great and the hardware is also more than adequate for the size. I think it's just as fast as my main Laptop at least according to the...
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    Video edditing on the TI OMAP 5?

    Definitely yes. Altough not all too practical since Blender is really, really based heavily on using loads of shortcuts. But what do I know? Whoever can produce a video using the Pyra while standing up and using shoulder buttons, analog sticks, internal keyboard etc. will be my personal hero for...
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    Video edditing on the TI OMAP 5?

    I am also surprised that I did not yet know about Shotcut. Thanks, I have to take a close look! Blender is extremely flexible to set up on small screens. I'm using it on an old 11" Laptop with only a slightly higher resolution than the Pyra's. Its also not much faster than the ARM chip so it...