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  1. Galaxis

    Future of the CPU board?

    The MNT Reform is going to use an i.MX 8M too. The Reform has way more space available in the case though, and more battery power... (See and pictures at
  2. Galaxis

    Release SuperZaxxon v1.76

    Not that I expect anyone to pick up the work, but checking and possibly updating any available build instructions would be great (at this point I notice that the SSL cert on has run out, gonna ping ED about it...)
  3. Galaxis

    Slackware for Pandora 14.2

    Nothing useful in the logs on the IPv6 problem. Module is loaded, and in the Network Manager connection info I see that an IPv6 address from the local network is being assigned. But the address will not be shown in an ip address show or ifconfig. Maybe some incompatibility between that version...
  4. Galaxis

    Slackware for Pandora 14.2

    Switched on the Pandora for the first time after a long pause yesterday and installed the 14.2-3 rootfs. I have hit two hitches, up to now: One, I haven't been able to get NetworkManager to configure an IPv6 address on our wifi, regardless of autoconfiguration settings (all the interfaces have...
  5. Galaxis

    SSL cert not valid on brave/chrome android

    I'm not getting any errors in any web browser, so I dropped that into the SSLlabs test at and it warns that your server will return the certificate when a very old client connects that doesn't support...
  6. Galaxis

    I'm out of ideas for news-titles

    I'd be perfectly fine with 2GB. Just ordered the bigger variant as it seemed way more common and I could afford it, not because I thought I'd need it on this kind of device. Probably not true for everyone though... Previous-generation Intel i5 server CPUs had to reduce their memory frequency by...
  7. Galaxis

    Release Pale Moon

  8. Galaxis

    Release Pale Moon

    Does the latest release (27.3.0) possibly miss some libraries? I get cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory Failed to load module: /mnt/utmp/palemoon/lib/gio/modules/ ...and when I hack that up by creating a symlink to the existing...
  9. Galaxis

    With full steam into the new year!

    Stretch? Squeeze is very old ;) Another option would be to rebase on Devuan, wo are working on a Debian overlay that replaces all packages that hard depend on systemd with versions that don't. They also provide armel and armhf binaries. Moving from Debian jessie to Devuan jessie is quite easy...
  10. Galaxis

    New Server!

    Seems perfectly sane for normal operations, but I agree it's good practice to reduce the TTL in time before a planned migration.
  11. Galaxis

    New Server! currently redirects to the Drastic forum too.
  12. Galaxis

    Slackware inside Pandora.

    Ow, not used to Slackware - only had a look at /etc/init.d... /etc/rc.d sounds somewhat BSD-ish...
  13. Galaxis

    Slackware inside Pandora.

    Hrm, tried to enable dropbear on the current 14.2beta, but it seems the dropbearkey utility to generate SSH host keys is missing, so the initscript bugs out. I'll generate keys manually using ssh-keygen (which is in the system) later. Also, wifi seems strange - I couldn't connect to my network...
  14. Galaxis

    GPD Win (x86 Computer / Palmtop)

    Oh wow, the way he has to use that keyboard looks really exceptionally awkward. I was pondering ordering a GPD Win so I have a new pocket computer in time for this years Chaos Communication Congress, but I think I'll just stick with the Pandora again. Ach, if it just had a slightly better screen...
  15. Galaxis

    Update SuperZaxxon v1.74

    Yep, that seems to work now.
  16. Galaxis

    WM & networking question

    I guess you could have a look at the Openbox PND to see how it goes about switching to that windowmanager. As for controlling wifi - if you're talking about the configuration, SuperZaxxon comes with nmcli, so using the Network Manager GUI is not required. If you just want to switch it on and...
  17. Galaxis

    Final small Pandora batch...

    Ich nehme an, Du weisst eh' alles darüber - aber in der c't 9/16 ab Seite 150 war ein Artikel mit einer Übersicht über die aktuellen Änderungen in den Luftfracht-Transportvorschriften für Akkus (online hinter der Paywall hier).
  18. Galaxis

    Update SuperZaxxon v1.74

    LED control for the Wifi LED seems incomplete: The disabled LED turns back on when coming back from suspend (power switch flick). Nice work nevertheless, thank you (again)!
  19. Galaxis

    [Roadmap] Using the Cortex M4 CPUs

    Are we talking about the "IPU subsystem" M4s in the "ISS megacell" on the block diagram? I'm probably rehashing things that everyone knows, but since I haven't really thought about those up to now: It seems that TI planned that as companion for the DSP, to do image processing for a camera...
  20. Galaxis

    Able to upgrade not just the speed but manufacturer of CPU?

    For those people who were touting the Allwinner SoCs as an alternative: Backdoor in all devices which run Allwinner Linux Kernel 3.4