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    Edge Sdk 2.95 Released

    As I can read here:;threadid=38813 Elements Interactive has announced the release of EDGE SDK 2.95
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    Qtopia - Add New Programs

    Hi! Since I have my GP2X I use everyday QTOPIA for Agenda, Contacts, etc... Have you tried to add some new programs or apps? I have tried the instructions here: and I haven't been successfull because every time I try to "decompress" QTOPIA.IMG or QTOPIA2.IMG I...
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    What Happened With

    Hi! Do you know what happened with GAMIZAKE.ORG? It was a very good website, specially about BEATS OF RAGE. Hope it will be relaunched some day.
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    New Gigadrive Version!

    Dave has released a new gigadrive version. It has these new features: 0.020 + I think I fixed that emulator hang - it seemed to be something to do with when the time passed was less than one frame (e.g. the emulator was running too fast). Strangely, it hasn't the 132 mhz version :angry...
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    Solitaire Pack Canceled?

    If you go TODAY at site, you will find this: Solitaire Game Pack Is Down. Don 3 Mar 2004 - 3:01pm We have closed the Solitaire Game Pack project due to some internal fatal problems. We are very sorry. :( I was waiting this game... Yours,
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    New Official Firmware Beta Test Website In English

    Dear friends: Here it is the new firmware beta test website, now in english Try it, because it runs very well.