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    Not really gp32 or gp2x related, but I figured there are probably some electronics hobbyists around. As my final year project, I wrote a real-time logic simulator. Since it doesn't quite fit any category of software I've done before, it's a bit hard to figure out good ways to spread the word to...
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    I've started a new game project for the gp32x. I usually don't announce anything this early as doing so tends to lead to cancelled projects for some reason.. anyway, with the first test versions on the "engine", I feel fairly good about it. It's a remake of sorts of one game I liked in the...
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    Orbital Sniper 2x

    Orbital Sniper is now also available for the GP2X! Available from along with windows, os x and tapwave zodiac versions. Direct link to current version: House of the underdogs explains the game pretty well:QUOTE The game is...
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    Orbital Sniper 2x

    I managed to finally port orbital sniper to the gp2x. Some folks may remember the port I did to Tapwave Zodiac all these years ago. Temporary download location for the test version: (url of the preview removed, see final somewhere below) There's still some shutdown/cleanup issues, and...