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  1. XxionxX

    We need a mod

    I haven't really cared before, but I demand at least one new mod. Wizardstan, BP, Sony, I don't care who. I just want order. Edit: I wish Gruso was here. Edit2: I would preferably want mods in several time zones. I have noticed how when ED goes to bed the night people come out and play...
  2. XxionxX

    Library questions

    So I was following along the Lazy Foo SDL tutorials, and I skimmed ahead because I wanted to see where the tutorial would take me. I noticed that everything seems to be headed in the direction of OpenGl if you want to make 3d graphics, and that is cool but I thought that the OpenGl library was...
  3. XxionxX

    Would you like your Pandora's penis to be smaller?

    I was just surfing the interwebz when I found this. And with this coupon code: {Coupon Code: MLCKALLINONE050270NL1 limit 700 uses, Regular Price: $15.99 Final Price: $9.49 Free Shipping!} as you can see it would be approx $10US dollars shipped. Would this work? It seems like it would...
  4. XxionxX

    Cheap Micro Controller

    I am interested in microcontrollers as a field, but I want to know if this kit would be a good way to learn C++ as well. TI is touting it as a great way to get started and is paring it with some videos and a PDF workbook. At $4.30 it's a steal of a learning opportunity even if I have to learn C...
  5. XxionxX

    Live USB

    I have a USB with puppy Linux on it, and I am able to use it with every windows computer I've come in contact with. But I can't use it with my dad's mac laptop (tiger OS with intel chipset). I did some digging, but I can't find anything that will allow me to switch between macs and pcs :/ Does...
  6. XxionxX

    Open Source Cellphone

    I was surfing the net and I wondered if there were any cellphones which were similar to the Pandora (the way we have contributed to its development and such). I thought it would be a really cool addition to the Pandora. I really like our little movement and I would be just as amenable to funding...
  7. XxionxX

    Sweet tracking algorythm Just thought I'd share. :)
  8. XxionxX

    Wolfire games?

    I was looking through the app store, but I can't find Gish (a forum search says someone ported it.) or any other Wolfire games. There seems to have been a lot of talk, but I can't find anything that links to ports (I intend to buy the games, I just want to know that they have been ported) or...
  9. XxionxX

    Head mounted displays

    I finally got around to looking at the 3DS, and when I saw the really cool augmented reality games they had, it reminded me about a thread in the other forum about combining the Pandora with AR. I had a birthday recently and my mother gave me $300USD and so I started thinking about Head Mounted...
  10. XxionxX

    Pandora Killer!!

    It even has an ARM chip!
  11. XxionxX

    Why are all of the tutorials for C++?

    Why are all of the tutorials for C++? Is something about C not good for game programming?
  12. XxionxX

    'Instant Pandoras': The summary. READ FIRST!

    [gruso edit] This is the plan, as it has been explained to us: The intention of selling 'instant' $500 Pandoras is to pay for extra help on the assembly line, and double the daily output. While this does technically mean that instant buyers will be jumping the queue, the increased output...
  13. XxionxX

    How memory is made

    I thought you guys might like this.
  14. XxionxX

    2D/3D animation software

    I was grave digging in the gp32x forums, and I noticed that there is a need for sprites, backgrounds, etc. I would like to give it a shot, but after a quick google I realized that I have no idea what I should look for. I have no idea how I should make my animations ready to be attached to...
  15. XxionxX

    A subforum for the wiki?

    After I saw this guy I was pretty sure that he was a spammer. I wanted to know if I could report him or something, but I didn't know who to ask or where to post my question.
  16. XxionxX

    People are watching us...

    The unit in question. I know it is not the same, but these units seem to be getting more an more popular. This is at least the third unit I have seen which seems to be a derivative of our beloved Panda. It might just be a coincidence but it feel like people really want a small unit like the...
  17. XxionxX

    Pandora Security

    After watching (pretty long at 20 mins) I started thinking about securing my Pandora from theft, etc. The speaker was able to get his machine back because he didn't totally lock it up. I was wondering if we have some software which is...
  18. XxionxX


    I am learning python, and I am having trouble finding the right GUI library. I would like my programs to work on as many of my devices as possible. WxPython seems to (from what I have read)run pretty well on a verity of OS types. I would like to make games, but mostly I would like to make apps...
  19. XxionxX

    Multitouch pad for the Pandora.

    I know that the pandas screen does not have multi point touch capability, but after I saw I was wondering if the panda could support another device which would allow it to do so. I really like the idea of hooking my panda up to a...
  20. XxionxX

    Hiding Virus

    Ok I don't like to be a pest, but I have no idea what to make of this. Here goes: My fathers windows XP computer gets a virus (nothing I can't handle on my own). It disallows all system tools and all software except itself and it's pop-ups. So I grumble, and get ready to make a Ubuntu USB drive...