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  1. Dead1nside

    Free - Postage Only: UK Dreamcast (2x Controllers, Power and AV Cable)

    Hello, I'm having a clear out and wanted to gauge if anyone would like to have my UK Dreamcast. I'm willing to part with it just for the cost of delivery to you. I want to ensure it goes to someone who actually would enjoy owning it, rather than potentially languishing uncherished in a...
  2. Dead1nside

    Newly Released: Little Big Adventure for iOS and Android

    Hey everyone, I've just been made aware that Little Big Adventure 1 (Relentless) has been given a Touch screen control makeover by DotEmu, as well as some gameplay tweaks and is now available to purchase in case anyone's interested. Man I hope they do an LBA3 sometime. *dreaming*...
  3. Dead1nside

    Wifi defective 7 day Pandoras

    I just came on here to express my disappointment a bit. Maybe it was me who should have read between the lines, but I put in a request to "swap" my preorder of almost two years now, to one of these defective wifi units which Craig recently advertised. Jacquelyn's just replied to me and said that...
  4. Dead1nside

    Wonderswan Color Emulator On Pandora

    Is there a Wonderswan emulator on the Pandora? I was just searching around and added Cygne to the Pandora Wiki port requests, but found something called ws4all for the Wiz instead. Has anyone tried running this using GINGE? Thanks.
  5. Dead1nside

    New Dsp Tools Released By Ti, Useful?

    I saw this link posted on Reddit: Could these new tools perhaps be of use to the Pandora...
  6. Dead1nside

    Samsung 16Gb Class 6 Sdhc Card Uk

    Just a heads up, there's a pretty good deal on a robust Class 6 16GB SD card over at, for anybody in the UK. It's only £17.99 which is what I've paid for Class 4's before that haven't been supposedly waterproof or shockproof...
  7. Dead1nside

    How Much Have You Spent On Accessories For Your Pandora?

    After buying my last accessory a Logitech V470 Bluetooth Mouse for use with the Pandora, I wondered just how much you guys have spent? I seem to have bought a metric tonne of accessories just to keep the excitement going (and for somewhat limited practical use of course). So here's my list...
  8. Dead1nside

    We Will Have An Answer To Youtube On Pandora -- Webm.

    This is very important for the wider web, and quite significant for Pandora as well. Edit: A more critical look at VP8,
  9. Dead1nside

    Recommendation For A Portable Usb Hub For Pandora?

    It's a pretty trivial thing but I was wondering if any of you have purchased a USB hub in preparation for your Pandoras? Any recommendations? I quite like this one seems quite well designed, appealing to the eye. I guess the...
  10. Dead1nside

    Seen The Carry Cases? Look pretty good, might order them, especially if we get the soft and hard cases.
  11. Dead1nside

    Vlc With Openmax Acceleration.

    I was wondering if we could use this, or if it's supported out of the box, I think the probability is reasonably high. From VideoLAN's Twitter: "VLC 1.1 just got an OpenMAX IL implementation. Using 15% CPU on the N900 to decode 480p h264!"
  12. Dead1nside

    Native N64 Emulation On The Iphone Looks pretty cool.
  13. Dead1nside

    Lug Radio Live (Uk)

    Just wandering if anyone is going to LUG Radio Live 2009? You'll find Craig on the list of speakers, giving a presentation on the OpenPandora project. Unfortunately if you're not already going, there's no tickets left. I hope there'll be a prototype that I can take a look at, it's on the 24th...
  14. Dead1nside

    Sd Card Speed

    Hello, I was just wandering since 32GB cards are really still quite expensive (at least compared to the 16GB in the UK) I was thinking about getting a 16GB SDHC card, which most seem to be Class 6, whereas the 32GB ones are Class 2 - will this speed difference have any noticeable, detrimental...
  15. Dead1nside

    Networking On Pandora (Pptp Vpn + 3G Phone)

    Hi, Sorry if some of these questions are duplicated elsewhere. I know that there's already confirmed support for a lot of the '3g dongles' but mine's slightly more specific. I was just wandering if VPN, specifically PPTP, will be supported on the Pandora. Also, is the capability to hook up a...
  16. Dead1nside

    Rollercoaster Tycoon

    Hi, this is quite random but what are the possibilities of Rollercoaster Tycoon 1 and 2 being able to be played on the Pandora? Would somebody have to port them to use the ARM architecture, is there such thing as a PC emulator? Thanks.
  17. Dead1nside

    Ordering A Pandora, After The Initial Sold-out Batch

    I know that Pandora has sold out it's first and second batch? Is there anyway to be put on the list to buy one after this? What is the price now at? On the main web page it's listed as $330 dollars, so that's £235 at current exchange rates. What did the first batch people get it at - £199.99...