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  1. Skin-nl

    Release Zak McKracken the fan game

    Downloaded.....Will try it this weekend,loved those point & click games....Thanks!!!
  2. Skin-nl

    Understanding the lurkers

    I am a lurker since 2013.I am a proud owner of a 1ghz Pandora.I did not preordered the pyra yet because i like the gpd win also,so i'l wait till the pyra get's out and then whill i choose
  3. Skin-nl

    Release Postal

    Thanks ptitSeb for this port, Now i 'am going to search after my copy of the game ;)
  4. Skin-nl

    ... we're still alive!

    Yes 16GB eMMC is minimal.
  5. Skin-nl

    Beta Fallout

    Thanks ptitSeb for this great port!!!! I,ve played fallout many many hours back in the day. But i wait when its fully playable on the Pandora.
  6. Skin-nl

    Next huge milestone reached!

    That's good news to hear!!!!!! I can't hardly wait to see a video of the fully working pyra xD
  7. Skin-nl

    More Pandoras soon at the shop!

    I think when the pyra is out there be a couple of Pandora's to buy here on the forum. When i have the pyra i sell my 1 ghz pandy ;)
  8. Skin-nl

    Let's talk colors!

    What about matt gold???It's nice
  9. Skin-nl

    DOSBox 0.74 + DBGL: The DOSBox Revolution

    Yes it plays really good now, i have my unit on 1200Mhz Darkforces and need for speed is now also good playable
  10. Skin-nl

    Release DBGL + DosBox with 3Dfx

    Blood from monolith. It plays much smoother now with this dosbox then others.
  11. Skin-nl

    Release DBGL + DosBox with 3Dfx

    OMG SORRY ptitSeb the audio files works only if you play the game and not with the starting demo........I didn't know that!!!!Again sorry!!! The game works perfectly now.......Awesome!!!!
  12. Skin-nl

    Release DBGL + DosBox with 3Dfx

    I have mounted a cue file (with mount images) but the game don't recognize the image. I have put the cue and the bin file in the same directory as the installed game.
  13. Skin-nl

    Release DBGL + DosBox with 3Dfx

    Thanks ptittSeb for this great port!!!But can you only mount iso files and no bin files?
  14. Skin-nl

    DOSBox 0.74 + DBGL: The DOSBox Revolution

    Can you play blood smootly TrashyMG?
  15. Skin-nl

    Release Diablo

    Today i started the system and now i can delete the files.....i dont get it well its done so thanks again Trashymg
  16. Skin-nl

    Release Diablo

    I rebooted the system but it stil dont work.It still says : read -only file system.Would you send the commands to my pm?Manny thanks Trashy!!!
  17. Skin-nl

    Release Diablo

    It says : Cannot remove 'winedata/system.reg' : read -only file system
  18. Skin-nl

    Release Diablo

    No i do not know the commands to go there
  19. Skin-nl

    Release Diablo

    The files are on my sd card,when i type "sudo rm -r winedata/" he says: not find such files or directory