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  1. Faust

    Savage 1 full source code/game sdk/engine. No code base for SEP/SFE/

    Hello, I've found some time ago a file that supposed to contained ressources from Savage 1, I don't know if it can be used for a port. Here the txt file content:" This zip file contains the original 2.0e full source code including the game sdk and engine. This does not include the code base...
  2. Faust

    [SOLD] One Pyra Pre-preorder (voucher) at cost

    Hello, I'm quite sad to open this new thread. I planned from the beginning to buy the Pyra EU LTE, but the more time passes and the less I have money to save, even if we will have to pay the remaining in several months. The Pyra is a great thing, and when It 's going to be released it'll be a...
  3. Faust

    The Steam 'Big Picture' Daisywheel ported to JS and CSS. Supports Gamepad API. Github Source code

    Hello, I found the source code of a port of the Steam's Big Picture Daisywheel onscreen-keyboard: To try a demo: Here information: Here is the Github: Would it be...
  4. Faust

    UDOO X86 is the New PC: the most powerful maker board, Cpu for Pyra?

    Hi, Here a kickstarter about "UDOO X86 is the New PC: the most powerful maker board", It is based on Quad Core 64-bit new-generation x86 processors made by Intel®, designed for the PC domain. Prodigious processors concentrated in 14 nm, with an amount of energy consumption of 5 or 6 Watt. ...
  5. Faust

    PGS Windows 10 gaming handheld - GPD WIN competitor

    Hi guys, I read some news about PGS, it sounds really like a competitor to the GPD WIN for gaming. "Hello, dear forum users. Soon we are planning to announce the PGS – a portable gaming console with Windows onboard (also comes with Android in Dual boot mode), which will be capable to run all...
  6. Faust

    Freelancer (space opera) on Pyra with Exagear + Wine?

    Hi guys, I know that for now we cannot be really sure about Pyra's capacities right now, some more we don't have 3D drivers and this game will need it, but I was wondering if Freelancer would be playable trough Exagear + Wine. Maybe that someone that experienced Exagear + Wine on Pyra can share...
  7. Faust

    Nubs Mouse click to shoulders mouse click

    Hi, I was wondering If it would still possible to bound the mouse click (currently on the nubs) to the shoulder buttons (L1/R1) and to bound the wheel mouse (up/down) to the other shoulders buttons (L2/R2)? It would be the best option for almost all games because the nubs are used to move in...
  8. Faust

    Endless Sky open source - Source code

    Hi guys, I've found the source code of the game Endless Sky, it's a 2D trading and space combat game. I know that there is already this kind of game on the Pandora, like The Battle For The Solar System - The Pandoran War. Source code: On Steam...
  9. Faust

    CrossOver 15.0.1 source code

    Hi, For those who don't know what it is: "CrossOver is a Microsoft Windowscompatibility layer available for Mac OS andLinux. This compatibility layer enables manyWindows-based applications to run on Mac OS or Linux operating systems. CrossOver is developed by CodeWeavers and based on Wine...
  10. Faust

    Atempt to reverse engineering Darkstone - GitHub

    And here an other game data reverse engineering, of Darkstone this time, an other great game, here is the GitHub:
  11. Faust

    Reverse engineering Dungeon Siege - GitHub

    Hi, If someone in interested in following this news, it's the reverse engineering of the game data , more informations here: And the GitHub: Dungeon Siege is a...
  12. Faust

    RVGL or Re-volt port

    Hi guys, I found this on the web: It's a port of the commercial game Re-volt, the car racing game. Maybe it would works better than the vanilla game because it doesn't need Wine, I'm not sure. It is written on the website:" It's powered entirely by...
  13. Faust

    Remix OS - Android based OS

    Hi, I just wanted to share this news, it's quite interesting.
  14. Faust

    Just wondering - x86/x64 processor for Pyra's future?

    Hi ED, I know that's really too early to talk about a future upgrade of the SOC, but have you considered to make a x86 or x64 daughterboard for the Pyra in future ? Or at least, what is your opinion about it?
  15. Faust

    ARChon - Chromium

    Hi, Does ARChon could work on Chromium?
  16. Faust

    Project F. Aka Little Fighter 2, copyright free Open source code

    Hi, For those who are interested in Little Fighter 2: Here's the website with an access to the playable HTML5 demo with an access to the open source code on github: Here a short preview of...
  17. Faust

    Touchscreen gestures?

    Hi, I was wondering if it would be possible to map action with touchscreen gesture? As we have keyboard, everything is going to be mainly on it, so being able to custom some touchscreen gestures could be nice!
  18. Faust

    Clavier + Software/ Pyra's Os integration? Question for ED

    Hi, I had this software on "port request" section but I want the personnal opinion of the main Pyra's creator. Would it be possible to add this functionality inside the Pyra's Os instead of only porting it? (Still, it needs to be compiled to work on Omap 5.) And if he would be willing to do it...
  19. Faust

    Memory stick Pro Duo

    I wonder if Pyra would be able to read Memory stick Pro Duo in SD card Slot? It would let us to put 2 micro SD card into 1 slot, that would be great! Like two 128 gb micro sd card
  20. Faust

    Ragnarok Online

    Hi, I saw people who were wondering if Ragnarok Online could run on the Pyra, but without any answer. I'm asking for all of us, as I'm interested too. ^_^