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  1. CapcomSuicide

    Hardware Left shoulder button sticking (1ghz silver)

    Hi, I believe there were issues with the original Pandora, but couldn't find a thread on the 1Ghz version. Basically the left shoulder button sticks on, perhaps 20-30% of the time. I can pull it back out, and carry on using it. Any tips for troubleshooting this one? Thanks.
  2. CapcomSuicide

    What did the team do, in order to make Pandora audio output so good?

    Hi, Despite having owned a Pandora for quite some time, I never used the headphone jack before today. Wooooooooow!!!! I have various apple devices, and I would certainly say that the Pandora is on par, if not better than any of them. I can't help but ask, why is this? Is this software...
  3. CapcomSuicide

    Boom N64 and PSX USB Adapter

    Hi guys, I have one of these: I plugged it into the Pandora, but can't find joypads in the control panel. Does anyone know if it is possible to use...
  4. CapcomSuicide

    Unable to swap GUI

    Hi When I try to swap between GUI's I get a hang, and then a "Session manager" error message. When I then try and swap GUI again it works. I'm on the latest Hot Fix. I have experienced this on all Hotfixes, and have done a complete reflash to HF3. Anyone seen this one? C_S
  5. CapcomSuicide

    Is Anyone Working On Getting Wiz Games To Function?

    Hi, I recieved my White caanoo, but can't find much to play on it. Mame seems very choppy and if I overclock past 533mhz it black screens. Even the Dingoo had more (if poor) emus available on launch... If the device is similar to Wiz, will there be a "GÌNGE" type application available? Is...
  6. CapcomSuicide

    Official fan artwork

    This is my effort. I call it "Pandora King" with the prize toy infront of some of my other less worthy toys! Toys in the background: Cannoo White GP2x F200 Wiz GBA SP (Bright screen ed) PSP 1000 PSP 3000 GBA Micro DSi DS Lite Iphone Ipad All good in their own ways, but...
  7. CapcomSuicide

    Mupen64: Can We Use The Dpad Instead Of The Nub?

    Hi, I have tried the search function, and I have tried reading through the threads, but I can't find a simple answer. My search terms have included "Use DPAD as Nub" "Mupen64 controller configuration" and "Mupen64 one nub" My request for help is: Is it possible to edit the controls...
  8. CapcomSuicide

    The Official "I own a Pandora" thread

    1. CapcomSuicide (July 2010) 2. Bosbeetle (June 2010) 3. EmuGuy (July 2010) 4. Mindlord (June 2010) 5. joseLuís (July 2010) 6. Prometheus (June 2010) 7. Link (May, 2010) 8. Drack (August 2010) 9. Shade (Unkown) 10.Mosschops (July 2010) 11. G189 (June 2010) 12. renegadechic...
  9. CapcomSuicide

    [Poll: Firmware Request] Playstation 3 Usb Pad "nub Support"

    Hi, I have searched the forums and found a few requests within threads and the FAQ has this to say: "Official PlayStation 3 controller Not required standard-A Full speed USB A To Mini B Cable via High Speed Hub Yes No This is for USB not bluetooth compatibility. Sixaxis and DualShock...
  10. CapcomSuicide

    Is Quake 1 Ported?

    Hi, I have tried to search the forums, file archive and apps page, but no luck. The Quake2 port is incredible, but I prefer quake1. :) Is it possible to run the original quake on Pandora? C_S
  11. CapcomSuicide

    [One Nub] Xbox 360 Wired Gamepad For Mupen64?

    Hi, I have been LOVING my pandora the past month. I went for a "One nub" unit, and I believe the reason this unit failed QC was because: - The left nub sometimes is "Slow" (maybe once in 20 reboots) but after moving it about it is completely fine. - The left nub is sometimes a bit too...
  12. CapcomSuicide

    Porting A Linux Program Over To Pandora? [Decompression Software]

    I appreciate I maybe the "Niche" market here, but I am very interested in the battery life of Pandora, and the fantastic keyboard. To cut a long story short I'm an expedition technical scuba diver and often we take long trips along the norwegian coast diving wrecks and unexplored dive sites a...