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  1. mali

    Request For Being Moderator

    I'd like to reclaim my moderator status on these boards.
  2. mali

    New Dedicated Pandora Forums
  3. mali

    Android + Wiimote, Anyone Out There Who Tried It?

    As the title says. I want to gather some info how well wiimote, nunchuck and classic controller work for gaming on Android phones. I'm planning to MOD a proper gamepad for my Milestone. This video inspired me: . There are many third-party wiimotes on eBay, are they ok or should I buy an...
  4. mali

    Disable Spam Filter

    [*I AM STUPID SPAMMER*] has been funny for a while, but I never ever saw an example where it was useful beyond triggering laughter and forcing people to edit their posts.
  5. mali

    [Blog] A Big Thank You!

  6. mali

    [Blog] Back With Good News

  7. mali

    Moderation Note

    I've just checked the GP2X News section for the first time and approved 6 threads. If one of the threads has been posted somewhere else in the meantime please report here.
  8. mali

    Pandora 'Quick Overview' video from ED

  9. mali

    Some More Mods (Please?)

    Let's do some frank talking, shall we? No offense to the older MODs, but this forum is basically unmoderated. The internal area is a ghost town. I asked a question about spam and got an answer two weeks later (thanks Tobriand :) ). The WIZ people are unhappy. Right now I try to help them...
  10. mali

    Moderation Question: "gravedigging"

    Some info in advance: I had two reports for gravedigging. One was more or less cross-posting a question, so an easy decision. With the other one I had a lengthy conversation via PM, because he was unsure about the reasons his message got deleted and was moved when he tried again. Since then I...
  11. mali

    PND Package Requests

    You've successfully installed software from the Angström repo to NAND and it's working just fine? Post here if you'd like to have it packaged as PND.
  12. mali

    Candidacy For Being A Mod

    I'd like to be a Mod for the Pandora section :)
  13. mali

    Tweaks Thread

    The life of early adopters is hard enough so if you have Pandora knowledge to share, either post it here or provide a link. I'll update the first post from time to time. A proper structure will follow when the list gets longer. Thanks for your help! :) For the latest hotfixes, firmware images...
  14. mali

    Rumor: Apple Might Take Over Arm?

    :blink: What do YOU think? Moorestown, here I come?! (Seen on German board:
  15. mali

    Official Blog Post

  16. mali

    Why Was The "pins And Needles" Thread Removed?

    The thread was in the Pandora subforum and didn't contain anything offensive, afaik. So why has it been removed?
  17. mali

    Photobucket Help Thread

    Please help gathering new Pandora related photos for the photobucket WhiteBat put lots of time and effort in this project, top quality must be maintained. Format: <Source link> <Direct link> or <hot link inside spoiler> (MWeston's...
  18. mali

    Has The Amex Problem Been Solved?

    I still remember how hard it was to get an answer after that AMEX freeze had happend. This deserves a new thread so I open this one on behalf of others to get an answer, hopefully :)
  19. mali

    The Philosophy Thread

    (no text yet) edit: This thread is about the stuff we think is important, but while in search for someone to talk about it we forget it. (Disclaimer: Dunno if the above sentense makes sense, as I'm no native English speaker ) Another possible topic: Nazis - Are humans evil by nature or is the...
  20. mali

    Quotes Thread For The Blog

    This thread is for informational quotes from the OP Team and other Pandora info resources. I start it, because the unofficial blog thread has become a bit unreadable recently. Please keep Off Topic to a minimum, thanks :)