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  1. rmm2131

    Pandora Impressions And Onto Ebay

    Hi all, it was nice being a part of this community, but I have to move on for personal reasons. I put my brand new recently received Pandora and its accessories up on ebay for those that want one now and not much later. ;) Here's the ebay listing. My quick impressions of the Pandora, keypad...
  2. rmm2131

    Pandora Wrapped In Chocolate

    Found this by way of Engadget and thought it might bring a few smiles here(and maybe an idea for Pandora and gadget gift givers). Such a great gesture really. :) Devoted husbands charming birthday gift to his wife.
  3. rmm2131

    Very Good Second Controller For Pandora

    I've been keeping an eye on this HORI Xbox 360 EX2 game controller available on Newegg again. It works on a PC and should work on the Pandora just like the X-Box 360 PC controller. Amazon buyers seem to like it a lot. Play-Asia has it too.
  4. rmm2131

    Future Production/date

  5. rmm2131

    The Final Hurdle

    I'm worn from waiting for the Pandora. I paid over a year and a half for one and am weary of connecting to for news about my purchase that never reaches the completed level, never ships to me. How I long for that time back and how I sometimes deliberated requesting a refund of my order...
  6. rmm2131

    And The Nominees Are......

    Since we are at the end(hopefully) or the beginning(optimistically), I wanted to share something i've been thinking about lately. Being a member here for a long time and watching the Pandora be, in a sense, "born" by incredible individuals, i've noticed two particular people beyond all the...
  7. rmm2131

    Excellent Keyboard For Pandorians

    I bought this wonderful wired(also in Bluetooth version) keyboard. Amazon is listing it for preorder, but I bought it in a local Apple store a couple weeks ago and it is available in stock many other places online. The keys themselves are fantastic with a shallow and quiet feedback, and I...
  8. rmm2131

    Best Gamepad For Two Player Pandora Action Available Again

    I know it's a new topic about an almost weekly discussion of USB gamepads for the Pandora but believe me it's worth it having its own spot rather than at the back of an another thread about the Wii Classic Controller, because of the last tidbit at the end of this post(for those who don't want to...
  9. rmm2131

    Wikipandora Project

    I remember the Wikipandora project that Atomicthumbs was working on where you could use Wikipedia offline on your Pandora through Firefox so I thought i'd ask if it's still a go here. How big is the file we'd have to download onto an SDHC card BTW? I use a Tomeraider TR3 Wikipedia file on my PC...
  10. rmm2131

    Beware Regular Bank Transfers

    This warning is not in reference to Tranzfers bank wire service, but in using just your bank to send money overseas to Barclays Bank for your Pandora. I walked into my NY bank wednesday morning and initiated a bank transfer which took about 20 minutes. The bank employee inputted the info and...
  11. rmm2131

    Favorite Ebook Reader: Haali Reader

    I use this little known, robust ebook reader on my pda and PC and it's fantastic. Saves your spot when you close it, opens many formats, dictionary, word find, rotation, background and font flexibility, even ZIP support. Anyone else use it? :) Source is available too...
  12. rmm2131

    2nd Batch possible availability in 2009?

    Great job Craig and the rest of the Pandora Team on the HUGE success of Pandora! :) It's WELL deserved after the months and months and months of tweaking you all did to get everything just right. Early December can't come fast enough. My question though is when about roughly in...
  13. rmm2131

    Gameshark Cheat Codes For Psx4pandora

    One thing I really like about EPSXE under XP is that I can use PEC to input Gameshark codes into the OpenGL video plugin for playstation games. I searched but sadly found no confirmation of its implementation with PSX4pandora, so does Tinnus and Zodttd or anyone else think it can be done, since...
  14. rmm2131

    What An Innovative Design

    I was perusing youtube for Pandora information(can't get enough of it) when this flashed in front of my eyes: It will be years before a Pandora revision, but what a clever concept to use and modify eventually, regardless of authenticity, minus the second...
  15. rmm2131

    Popular Question On Compressed Game Formats

    Can we have the games for SNES, NES, Final Burn Alpha zipped format or should they be in their uncompressed bin state for Pandora to handle them when the devs get the emulators running? I know Tinnus mentioned PS1 games could be in iso/compressed eboot/bin-cue but what about the other...
  16. rmm2131

    Zip Playstation Isos To Save Space?

    Hi everyone has it been clarified by zodttd if playstation games in bin-cue or iso format can be zipped and played from an SDHC in Pandora for space saving? Adata 16gb SDcards any good? 3rd question: Is Stella going to be ported to Pandora? Thx. Saving my pennies for this holiest of holys...
  17. rmm2131

    What Game Is This?

    Hey I was perusing and found a link to this youtube video showing Final Burn Alpha and was wondering what game was in the video. Demonstation??? It looks cool with the two fighters blasting away but in my naivete...
  18. rmm2131

    Ac3 Playback With H.264 Video In Mkv Container

    I have many of my movies encoded with High Profile x264 in MeGui at a maximum of 720x416 with a bitrate of up to 1500kbps with Cabac, B-frames, and 5 mixed ref frames enabled. I also have audio of either 448kbps AC3, or even higher DTS audio in these mkv files of mine. My question is does it...