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  1. rmm2131

    Pandora Impressions And Onto Ebay

    Thanks for that. I hope this auction works out for the best and I also hope that everyone gets their Pandoras by October. That D-pad really is incredible. The device is worth the wait. :)
  2. rmm2131

    Pandora Impressions And Onto Ebay

    There are just some places in the world not safe to ship to because of unreliable and unscrupulous postal carriers/customs officials or less developed transit systems. Ebay shouldn't use the term "worldwide", but they don't offer any other choice in that selection. I know undoubtedly that...
  3. rmm2131

    Pandora Impressions And Onto Ebay

    I am sorry for that, but I set the auction up quickly and went through ebay's excluded list trying to include everywhere I thought delivery destinations would be the least "troublesome". I sold for years on ebay with this particular account and although every single place above never gave me an...
  4. rmm2131

    Pandora Impressions And Onto Ebay

    Hi all, it was nice being a part of this community, but I have to move on for personal reasons. I put my brand new recently received Pandora and its accessories up on ebay for those that want one now and not much later. ;) Here's the ebay listing. My quick impressions of the Pandora, keypad...
  5. rmm2131

    All Of Wikipedia On Pandora?

    How will you overcome the fat32 file size limit? The latest english text only dump is around 5.7GB. FYI, I recommend Aard Dictionary/Wikipedia offline viewer which works with quite a few OSs.
  6. rmm2131

    Pandora Wrapped In Chocolate

    Found this by way of Engadget and thought it might bring a few smiles here(and maybe an idea for Pandora and gadget gift givers). Such a great gesture really. :) Devoted husbands charming birthday gift to his wife.
  7. rmm2131

    Wtf? Ok Who Listed This One....

    This seller is a good guy and it is his choice to do what he wants with what he bought with his money. We'll all get our Pandoras so let's be civil and wait. EDIT: Hey Chris, good luck with your auctions. :)
  8. rmm2131

    Time For Another Pandora Review?

    Has there been any official explanation from the team why this is still happening to units shipped given the new quality controls?
  9. rmm2131

    Another Review?

    Very true. Things only get better with honesty. Has anyone tried a Zelda or Metroid game with their Pandora? :)
  10. rmm2131

    Wooohoooo! I Got My Pandora!

    Thanks. Enjoy your Pandoras.
  11. rmm2131

    Wooohoooo! I Got My Pandora!

    Torpor, could you do a build quality comparison between your two Pandoras. :)
  12. rmm2131


    Vid is like garlic bread to a diabetic vampire. :o
  13. rmm2131

    Pandora Owners: Any Other Hardware Issues?

    What about the lid gap that shows on the left side above the power button when closed? Has that been rectified hopefully? :)
  14. rmm2131

    Can We Have An Explation For This Op?

    Pic or it didn't happen. VRAndy does your Pandora also have issues like the common left side lid gap(above the power button that shows when closed), and the sticking/too loose left shoulder button and/or Dpad insensitivity that Pleng has?
  15. rmm2131

    I Got It!

    Still, we are all very excited with your achievement. Thanks. :)
  16. rmm2131

    Order Cancel

    Yay, the bands back together.
  17. rmm2131

    Look Who Flew The Nest!

    The only things that could stop us now are meteors and that pesky landshark.
  18. rmm2131

    Your Place In The Preorder Line?

    Me too on December 9th 2009 and this is the reply: They are probably pulling hairs out now with all the correspondence flooding in so it's better people bother them only with payment issues or ordering.