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  1. Consequence_9


    Hi all, been a while. My pandora has had these cracks around the hinges since last year, never been dropped, hardly even used, they just developed on their own. My unit also never properly connected to wifi, it'll stay connected for a few minutes at a time & even then only gets 56k speeds, if...
  2. Consequence_9

    Battlefield Bad Company 2

    I've been straight addicted to this game since the beta. Any other gp32x'ers playing this? If you do, add me on psn! (same id as my sn here) I'd really like ppl to play with, especially those of you with mics oh & I'd like to get a (not-so serious) clan together, so if you're good & just want...
  3. Consequence_9

    Anyone Seen The Movie 'cube'?

    There totally needs to be a game based on Cube or, even better, Cube 2: Hypercube. I'm thinking a portal/source engine mod would be perfect. and for those of you who haven't seen the movie - DON'T EVEN LOOK UP WHAT IT'S ABOUT, JUST WATCH THE FIRST ONE & ENJOY - it's sooooo much better when you...
  4. Consequence_9

    Prboom Not Loading Any Wads

    title says it all. I've tried loading all 4 of the official id doom wads. I boot prboom, selector comes up, i select a wad & then nothing happens =/ help?
  5. Consequence_9

    Midwest Pandora Fest Planning Thread

    Hi all! Coming out of lurk-mode for a bit here to help get the ball rolling on this. The dutch thread reminded me that we midwesterners were discussing having a get-together of our own a while back, and now that we've got a fair amount of units in the wild (and more on the way) I figured this...
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    Mame Issue

    any game i try to load gives me a popup with this error in fork! mountpoint: /media/mmcblk0p1 /usr/pandora/scripts/ line 120: [: !: integer expression expected not mounted on loop yet, doing so Usage: grep [OPTION]... PATTERN [FILE]... Try `grep --help' for more information. Usage...
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    Dingoo A330?
  8. Consequence_9

    Point & Click Adventure Recommendations (For Scummvm)

    I recently installed scummvm on my pre & played through 'the dig'; now I'm thirsty for some more games! I'm saving BASS for the pandora, but can anyone recommend some more favorites?
  9. Consequence_9

    Need A Little Help

    I've got a monitor that only has vga & hdmi inputs and I'd like to take advantage of the cable connection in my room (since my suite-mates are always using the commons tv). Does anyone have a setup like this or anything in particular they'd recommend?
  10. Consequence_9

    "windows Phone 7" Impressions

    I'm curious to know what you all think of the recently unveiled windows phone 7 OS. Personally I think it looks confused & completely impractical. I just don't see it taking off as a major smartphone OS. I understand they're going for minimalism, but there is such a thing as just too minimalistic.
  11. Consequence_9

    The [Official] Cny Delay Support Thread

    Quick! Everyone have a shit-fit over the 9-day delay! :rolleyes: March it is!
  12. Consequence_9

    Engadget Engaging In Censorship

    SO Last night I posted a comment on this article, and woke up to find my comment had been removed. Word for word it said "this article is not just slanted, it's plain rude". Was I in the wrong here or does it seem like the OP was needlessly attacking opera's decision for no good reason (other...
  13. Consequence_9

    Why Is Getting A Phone So ****ing Obnoxious?

    So I've been trying to get a palm pre plus since the day it came out & I've run into roadblocks every step of the way. I'm a student & I've recently moved to go to school. Now this is a pretty common thing, is it not? So I figured this wouldn't be that big an issue, but apparently I was wrong...
  14. Consequence_9

    Yasfg: Two's Compliment

    The objective is simple: to concoct pairs of words that should never be in the same sentence - hopefully resulting in humor. To do this user1 posts a word, user2 then quotes user1's word & compliments it with their own. EX: The only rule is no repeats. Lets see what you sick bastards can...
  15. Consequence_9

    Aliens Vs. Predator Interpreter Port?

    So I saw today that AvP 'classic 2000' was released on steam & there's nothing better to talk about atm. It looks good & having never played it before & being a pandorian I went a googlin' to see if there was an interpreter for linux or some non-wine way to run the game & came across this...
  16. Consequence_9

    Hivision Android Netbook

    saw this on engadget, looks like it could be a neat little device to hack despite what engadget seems to think about it.
  17. Consequence_9

    Metroid Prime Trilogy Iso Disc Read Error

    So I've now downloaded the MPT iso that has 1 & 2 only twice. It took me 4-5 days of download time each time. Now every time I try to transfer this iso to my external hdd I get a disc read error. The first time i figured the iso was just corrupted (no pun intended) so i re-downloaded it, but it...
  18. Consequence_9

    New Pix From Mweston!

  19. Consequence_9

    Pre Or Droid?

    I'm in the market for a new phone/carrier. Had an iphone on at&t which broke. It would cost double what I paid for to get it fixed & I've already pissed away 50 bux trying to fix it myself. I don't want to waste more money on it, not to mention I feel like a tool using it & I'm pretty fed up...