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  1. Sugar_Kane

    Advice on selling musical gear?

    Hello Chooms, I've got an amp and an acoustic guitar that I need to sell but I'm having real difficulty working out how to go about it. Generally I use eBay to flog my stuff but their policies are just making that not an option with these (on top of the listing insertion fees they now cream...
  2. Sugar_Kane

    2011 Pandora for sale - UK {SOLD}

    Hi Guys, It's been a tough choice but I think it's time to let go of my Pandora, I have a three year old son and aside from having no time to use it now (I can barely go to the toilet for 5 minutes of peace, has anyone ever tried to have a poo in a toilet with no door lock, holding the handle...
  3. Sugar_Kane

    Android tablets

    Yo yo yo yooooooo, Here's the place for some fine informed opinions on gear from some erudite and handsome individuals. With that in mind, I'm thinking about buying an Android tab for my GF for her birthday next month, she doesn't know she wants one obviously but I think she'd really...
  4. Sugar_Kane

    Hexen 2 gamma update?

    Hi Guys and Gals, I've been revisiting Hexen 2 on the Pando recently (again) and it's always bugged me that it's just incredibly dark, almost unplayably dark in fact, and I do like to have at least a smidge of illumination while I'm busy running around in circles, looking at the ceiling while...
  5. Sugar_Kane

    Would you be able to install new cases to previous units?

    Hi ED, I'm sorry this may have been asked before, please feel free to ignore, but I was wondering: I've had my Pandora for around a year now and the case has developed a couple of tiny cracks, nothing I'm worried about, but I thought that if the newly produced cases are much greater quality...
  6. Sugar_Kane

    My Pandora 2 concept

    As we're all in the realms of fantasy right now, I thought I'd share my idea for the P2. This is basically what I would consider my ideal handheld. It's based on the idea that I often find myself wishing that the Pandora wasn't a clamshell at all, I much prefer pick-up-and-go designs so I...
  7. Sugar_Kane

    Snes9x4P restore overwritten save states?

    I've been playing Earthbound for a looong time now, trying to slog my way through. I'm usually pretty careful when loading my save states but it was inevitable that I would cock up at some stage and just now WAS that stage... I reckon I've only lost a couple of hours, but I'm still annoyed with...
  8. Sugar_Kane

    Anybody waiting on the Iphone 4S/5?

    I got myself a 3GS a good while ago and was extremely impressed with it. I then upgraded to an iphone 4 and was very happy with the new design and improvements, namely the screen, but after a few months the boredom started setting in; ios still looked and even sounded exactly the same, in fact...
  9. Sugar_Kane

    Joysticks for sale

    Hello Chums, I hope that selling is OK around here, please let me down gently if not! I've been a arcade joystick fancier for a good while now, as I grew up in the 'cades. I got into custom making a few years ago, I posted a couple that I made on GP32x if I remember right. Anyway, I've gone...
  10. Sugar_Kane


    Hello Fellas, I'm a bit of a megadrive fancier. There's nothing I love more than the sight of a long, curvaceous, glistening black unit. I've got a modest collection of games and I modded my MD1 with a region switch so that the world is my Sega encrusted oyster. I recently acquired a Mega CD...
  11. Sugar_Kane

    Dpad misbehaving

    Hi Chaps, Recently my Dpad has started acting up; it gets stuck in the up direction until I press down hard, this returns it to normal but it'll do it again randomly soon afterwards. I'm presuming that a bit of debris have worked its way under the keymat that I need to get off, or I need to...
  12. Sugar_Kane

    Time not displaying correctly

    My Pandora's clock never seems to display the right time. I've never messed around with the clock, and I always shut it down fully when I'm done using it, and it's only ever plugged in to charge it when the battery gets low. It's not exactly a huge problem for me, but it is occasionally...
  13. Sugar_Kane

    Build engine launcher

    I was just browsing around reminding myself of games that I'd like to play again on my pandora, and I've recently been playing Strife through the excellent Pickle launcher, which got me thinking about all of the games that were built on the Duke Nukem 3D build engine. I realise that not all of...
  14. Sugar_Kane

    Do you have any tattoos?

    Hello fellow denizens, I got my first tattoo this Saturday just gone, always wanted one but never mustered the gumption to go and get it done, so here I am at 32 with my first and I'm over the moon with it. Does anyone else around these parts have one? Are you thinking of getting one? Do you...
  15. Sugar_Kane

    UAE4ALL 1.1.19

    I updated my UAE to this version today but I've been having all sorts of issues. First of all, has mouse control been taken away now? You used to be able to plug a mouse in and control it as normal, but this no longer works. Am I being silly and overlooking something? Some of my previously...
  16. Sugar_Kane

    Dear Openpandora ltd

    I know that a number of people don't have their units yet so I hope that I'm not rubbing it in, but I just wanted to say thanks to you guys. I've had my Pandora for a couple of months now and I'm using it almost every day. When I first read about it I was sure that it would be the answer to my...
  17. Sugar_Kane

    Dark Forces Launcher?

    Nevermind, I've realised it's closed source, booo.
  18. Sugar_Kane

    What was the most disappointing game you ever bought

    I'm at work day dreaming about which games I might play on my Pandora when I get home, and one popped in there that opened up a whole slew of memories about games that I was really excited about, but turned out to be dreadful once I'd actually played them. The biggest for me were probably Olly...
  19. Sugar_Kane

    Uae4all no disk activity

    Hello all, As I mentioned in my pandora review; I'm having issues with UAE. When I first used it I was able to play a few games easily, but then one didn't boot, and then it started to be patchy, the working adfs wouldn't work occasionally and now not at all. So right now not a single game...
  20. Sugar_Kane

    Pandora - A Review

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