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  1. Blue Protoman

    That's it. It's over.

    No longer am I a high school student; I am now a high school alumnus. Tomorrow is my last day of school. I have no more exams; all I need to do is show up for graduation rehearsal (the real thing's in two weeks) and the Senior Barbecue at the end of the day. It's been a rather unremarkable...
  2. Blue Protoman

    Retro Video Game Console SDKs, ready to go! If you know C, then everything you need to make homebrew is in here. This was released recently. Unfortunately Windows-only (dunno if the compilers run in WINE), but still damned cool!
  3. Blue Protoman

    Can you tell us more about that short film you mentioned you were in?

    What it was about, why it exists, etc.
  4. Blue Protoman

    What is your educational background?

    Where did you study, what degree did you get, what minor, etc. As well as any skills you picked up outside of your curriculum that help out big-time today. (For instance, one member here is learning to program on his own, but is majoring in mechanical engineering where that's not as vital a...
  5. Blue Protoman

    All you programmers, have a good laugh at my education

    http://arrogantc.tum...r-science-sucks First off, remember that I'm in a public high school. And I hear on Stack Overflow of others who get to do these neat projects for their courses. On Monday, when no one is looking, I'm going to write this on the whiteboard; return (jobAtStake) ...
  6. Blue Protoman

    Check out my new blog!

    I've still got to polish up the style, but for a default theme it doesn't look too bad. Link's in my sig, and here (The Arrogant C).
  7. Blue Protoman

    Python Vs. The World

    To avoid this thread going offtopic, let's talk about why Python is forgiving to beginners, or other things about it in general. I'll start. I myself am trying to learn it alongside C++/SDL, so when I get frustrated with one I can switch to the other and relax. Problem is, I've still been...
  8. Blue Protoman

    If tablets are today's fad...

    If tablets are today's fad, then what might be tomorrow's, in terms of tech or software? Or what will die out? And I mean in the very near future; no more than five years, and that's pushing it. Let's throw some ideas around here. Serious ideas; not "lolol virtual reality", unless we're...
  9. Blue Protoman

    Granola: Free, light, unobtrusive power-saving software for Windows and Linux Thought it'd be worth checking out. Granola dynamically adjusts the power your computer uses so it draws only what it needs. You save almost 40% of CPU energy by just letting the damn thing run in the background! Your computer thus draws less energy, thus improving its...
  10. Blue Protoman

    Good libraries to learn? And a good place to learn to compile libraries?

    I've been a wee bit lax in my C++ education; though AP Computer Science (though in Java) ought to keep me going on a more serious front. Meanwhile, I've decided to continue on with SDL. But I understand that there are many libraries which extend its functionality. The problem is, I don't know...
  11. Blue Protoman

    A plea to those without avatars

    If you don't have an avatar, please get one. This board looks boring when half the people who visit it don't have some sort of unique identifying mark. Thank you.
  12. Blue Protoman

    Katamari Hack Fun as hell. Use the mouse to control your katamari. Gather up as many content on the web page as you can; you can roll up items smaller than your katamari, and it grows as you collect things. You can adjust some of the physics, too. Give it a try, just bookmark the...
  13. Blue Protoman

    A checklist of basic game elements

    I've decided to start working on SDL alongside the rest of C++. I'm partway through the chapter on classes in my book, but I've decided that I need to mix it up a bit. It's too early now, but at one point I'm going to do some tech demos revolving around game elements just so I can get the...
  14. Blue Protoman

    Using fancy plugins to display Gen. 5 games in 3D?

    Is it theoretically possible, at all, to take a game from the 90's (such as Super Mario 64), and with some emulator trickery (and correct and powerful hardware that we assume to have), and have it display in 3D, even with glasses? Or would this need modification of the ROM itself? Because...
  15. Blue Protoman

    Anybody want a GP2X Wiz case and charging cable for (almost) free?

    Title. I've been meaning to sell them, but they probably wouldn't get too much money. The cable is usable, though it'll pop out if it's moved (like a lot of others, apparently). The case would probably do well with a bit of a dusting, but it's otherwise pretty good. So if it's not clear...
  16. Blue Protoman

    The Pandora Dev Appreciation Thread

    I realize that aside from any release threads or Repo entries, the developers for this wonderful device don't get enough thanks...or hell, even attention. So let's set aside some time to get to know the other half of the important people who make the Pandora what it is; the developers. Be they...
  17. Blue Protoman

    Help! Windows keeps eating my copypasta!

    As of late, almost every time I copy something with Ctrl+C, when I paste it a moment later, nothing has been showing up, effectively killing the clipboard! It's not the C key. Happens when I cut with X as well. Using the context menu isn't any better. I'm using Windows XP. Any tips?
  18. Blue Protoman

    What's the best way to store a charger in a confined space?

    I fold all my chargers almost like a wave, with segments being parallel to each other. Clearly this isn't a good idea, though; I've lost two laptop chargers to this (the bit by the transformer started to break off), and now my Pandora charger. I'm RMAing that along with the unit itself...
  19. Blue Protoman

    What RIOT games lost your vote, and why?

    Title. I'll start. First off, I voted for (from first to fourth) Shootet, Paper Wars, Puzzletube, and Prometheon. PirateBaby lost my vote because I'm not a fan of virtual pets. Also, there didn't seem to be enough to do, and in a virtual pet game, that is a real dealbreaker...
  20. Blue Protoman

    Can anyone test some software for me in WINE under Fedora?

    I had initially given up on running Linux on my laptop; then I heard that Debian and derivatives have issues with various Dell laptops (which mine is)! So I decided to get Fedora in the near future, as it's not based on Debian. I still need to test it off a USB drive, though. But first, I'd...