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    3G Modem again (sorry)

    Despite thinking that the solutions offered in the link might possibly be outdated (i thought this was now all built in) I gave them a try. "sudo opkg install usb-modeswitch-data" gave me an Cannot install error, as I got an error, as suggested I tried "sudo rm /etc/usb_modeswitch.conf" but...
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    3G Modem again (sorry)

    I have searched and researched this but cannot find the solution so maybe a Pandora guru can help me. I have a Huawei E156G 3G usb modem stick that just wont make a connection on my Pandora (original refurb version running latest hotfix) On my Pandora lsusb reports; Bus 001 Device 003: ID...
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    Way to go! (2011 - 10 - 19)

    I did say "possibly crap" as it seems there is potential. It was said/typed with ruefullness and not critisism, it's just not easy to convey in a post. Stan what you say is true but to then have to RMA it, would be the final icing on a rather sad cake. :rolleyes:
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    Way to go! (2011 - 10 - 19)

    After waiting over 2 I/2 years I bet I'll get one of the last old, possibly crappy, CC units. Such is life. :(
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    A plan taking form (2011-10-05)

    ED can I please request then that us batch 1 pre-order people who have yet to receive our Pandora's, email you with details of our order so you can place them in chronological order and then maybe you could work out in advance how they will slot into the new production allocation. If you can not...
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    Business Plan finished, ready to gather investors! (2011 - 09 - 09)

    Hi ED Here's hoping you get the investors you need real soon so you can make the Pandora the successful device it deserves to be. Will production of the TV-Out cables be possible if the new finance package is sorted out?
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    An appointment and boards shipping (2011-07-22)

    Maybe thats the cunning plan? I figure the therotical interest lost and the longggggg wait (28 months in my case) covers the premium upgrade amount but without putting us to the front of the queue :-(
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    50 Pandoras shipping today. (09 Aug 2011)

    Ordered April 2009 - Appears to have dissapeared into a black hole of nothingness i.e. No Pandora, no idea when getting it, just nothing :(
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    you know what would be cool?

    Try GL Basic
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    A fresh new start, Part 1 (2011-07-12)

    ED thanks for the reply, I do realise you have little knowledge of Craigs queue but not being able to ask Craig directly I can only post on here and hope that he might read it and maybe reply with more accurate information.
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    A fresh new start, Part 1 (2011-07-12)

    My polite request seems to got lost in the "sue them" "wow 20% failures" din. :-(
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    A fresh new start, Part 1 (2011-07-12)

    ED thanks for the detailed info, more of the same kind of crap OP have had to put up with over the years. but ............ based on "We are missing about 1000 PCBs from batch 1" the assumption is OP have 3000 pcb's to make 3000 Pandora's, and with Craig having approx 75% of the boards he...
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    Hopes up then shattered in the space of one e-mail!

    They'll put someone in charge of looking after this task who will at first send lots of information on a regular basis before eventually dissapearing quietly into the background. Sound familiar?
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    Your pandora has been shipped

    please post you order date so that others can see how the queue is moving. Thank you.
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    New cables, more boards (2011-04-15)

    Will waiting over 2 years do for you?
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    New cables, more boards (2011-04-15)

    So if "Your approximate queue position is 1600 -1700." I should have had an email by now? + ED mentioned shipping approximately half i.e. 2000 so again you would assume I would have heard something. I have heard nothing :-(
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    Adobe Flash 10.2 For Cortex A8 Linux Download?

    Will eventually have..... 4000 R&D'ers
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    Stereoscopic (S-3D) Support thread

    So your avatar is a reasonable likeness then :P
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    Waiting on my Pandora...

    Typical Craig He might be getting it He might not be getting it No point in saying it straight out.
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    confirmed shipping vs order date

    I'm guessing your a Premium purchaser, this thread is more about those of us waiting more than 2 years and looking for clues as to when ours might ship.