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  1. joseluisjazz

    Beta Triplane Classic

    As you know you set the controls for multiplayer in the "plane mechanics" menu. The thing is that for single player mode you have to enter the "roster" menu, create a new pilot and set the keys, pressing the button located at the right bottom corner. Sorry for the late response. I don't visit...
  2. joseluisjazz

    Beta (De)Compressors

    yes of course, you can use those binaries or compile them yourself as I did. It's easy. And I believe they can be used from everywhere, if they are on path, but you'll just have to try it. regards
  3. joseluisjazz

    Beta (De)Compressors

    fixed the p7zip link ;)
  4. joseluisjazz

    Freeing Nand Space

    rm -r /usr/bin/qt4/ there are the qt4 demos and examples. That is the main thing I remember to get space. If you want more space than the one you get by uninstalling things you can use UPX to compress some big executables, like mplayer, or the samba binaries to get 50% more space. Here are the...
  5. joseluisjazz

    How Do I Activate The Video Out?

    Link is broken/removed from their site. <_<
  6. joseluisjazz

    Usb Wifi 'dongle' Compatible With Both Pandora And Caanoo?

    I'm trying to get this one working on the pandora. It looks promising so far.
  7. joseluisjazz

    Apparently, I Can't Catch A Break.

    This is awesome. Just a few hours ago the postman gave me a pandora! Did the team saw my message and sent one to me as urgent mail? :lol: because timing is perfect. The thing is that I'm glad to have it again, but I still doubt it has the new parts inside. And I fear it mostly for the nubs...
  8. joseluisjazz

    Apparently, I Can't Catch A Break.

    yes, it sucks. It happened to me two times, and had to send it again. And that's precisely why I don't want mine back until they receive the new boards with fixed nubs screencables. So there wont be a third time. More than two months since I sent her IIRC, and living very disconnected from the...
  9. joseluisjazz

    I Found An Error In The Keyboard Default Configuration

    Compose key = shift + enter. e.g. À = ( shift + enter ) + ` + ( shift + a ) ü = ( shift + enter ) + " + u At least it was that way the last time I had the pandora in my hands.
  10. joseluisjazz

    Batch 2 Ordering Is Up

    From the text Maybe you shouldn't have posted that.
  11. joseluisjazz

    Half-Assed Review Because Mine Is At Ebay Now

    Well, it sounded as a fair review to me. I myself wanted it for pretty much the same as you do, but I didn't really expect it to be so rugged to comfortably use it on the bike, for example. Despite improvable, the built quality is enough for me. And I love the endless possibilities it brings to...
  12. joseluisjazz

    Beta Mandelbrot Set Generator For Pandora

    It works well :)
  13. joseluisjazz

    Few Questions Before Buying

    or the Opera Mini in java, which would be interesting to have. It consumes very little bandwith.
  14. joseluisjazz

    Anyone Have A Pandora In Chile?

    I heard that new iPhone's signal reception wouldn't be much worse with half mile of rock covering it.
  15. joseluisjazz

    Beta Updated Wifi Driver

    here you go: wl1251-modules_1.0-r20.5_omap3-pandora.ipk. Will be there at least until notaz fixes the link.
  16. joseluisjazz

    Few Questions Before Buying

    Hi, firefox 3.6.7 has been ported and works very well. I've used it with several add-ons like adblock+. Nobody has got opera running yet in a Pandora, and it must not be something easy to accomplish. You also have several mediaplayers, like audacious which is winamp-like, and probably xmbc will...
  17. joseluisjazz

    Size Comparison

    Sorry you don't have psionic powers. :P ... And I don't have any n900 so I can't compare.
  18. joseluisjazz

    Size Comparison

    You're welcome, captain Jetpac ;) You know, that was one of my fav. games when I was a kid!
  19. joseluisjazz

    Size Comparison

    Here you go: L L L L L L L L imgur Photo Album
  20. joseluisjazz

    Maelstrom By Ambrosia - Anyone Got It Working On Pandora?

    That wont work. The RPMs have the binaries compiled for x86 architecture. Pandora uses arm architecture. But source code is available. Someone must compile it for the pandora, which should be easy enough since it uses SDL. I'd try to do it but I still have not fully restored my pandora dev...