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    3G Modem again (sorry)

    I have searched and researched this but cannot find the solution so maybe a Pandora guru can help me. I have a Huawei E156G 3G usb modem stick that just wont make a connection on my Pandora (original refurb version running latest hotfix) On my Pandora lsusb reports; Bus 001 Device 003: ID...
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    Android On The Pandora

    Rowboat project enables Android on OMAP35x, AM35x, AM37x and DM37x platforms Rowboat Project
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    Can We Move All the "Best XXXXX Games" Topics Into A New Section?

    Like the topic title says, can we move all the "Best XXXXX Games" topics into a new section/sub sections as IMHO they are not really 'General Talk' and might benefit from having their own section as well as not clogging up this section. Just my £0.02
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    Pandora Press Website is 404 'ing

    There seems to be a problem with the Pandora Press Website. Can anyone shed some light on this?
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    200 Pandoras Shipping W/c 16 August

    As per craigix page on twitter
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    New Case Pics From Fatih

    Found by Alec's forum post scraper
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    Please Make All 10K Cases In One Go

    This discussion started in the thread about the new case pics but I genuinly feel this needs its own thread. I have copied over the initial discussions from the other thread.
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    New Pics Up On Blog
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    3 New Videos From E.d. From Cebit

    EDIT: Note to self, must get new glasses. :blink: Go here instead
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    Another New Ed Video

    via ED's twitter account EvilDragon1717 I uploaded a YouTube video -- Pandora: Surfing the web, doing some messenging and eMailing
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    'stuff' Arriving In Uk 22Nd March

    "Looks like everything will have arrived here by the 22nd. How exciting" Latest tweet by craigix
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    Pics Of Final Keymat
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    I'm A Pandora

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    So You Think It's Taken Too Long ?

    I read this article over on and right up-front was the following snippet. "About a year ago, we went to Amsterdam to get some hands on with an interesting device. It was the Archos 5 and it was interesting because it was one of the first devices to use an advanced platform from...
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    Who's Still Interested In Polls About The Pandora

    I'm not in the slightest
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    New Pics On M Weston Photobucket Some parts but not much else EDIT: Ninja'd
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    Surely The Case Moulds Should Be Done By Now ?

    This is not a complaint thread against Craig, ED or anybody in OP, but as the title says, surely the case moulds should be done by now ? What's causing the delay? Has it turned out to be technically harder than expected ? Is the manufacturer not up to the job ? Have we been bumped to the back of...
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    C.e. Test Booked For 14 Oct 2009

    ED's new post on official blog "Just a quick note: Got an appointment. CE testing will take place next week on Wednesday and will probably take about 1 - 2 hours. This will leave me some time to setup the unit to prepare the test. I'm also working together with DJWillis, notaz and cpasjuste...
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    Locking Car Kit Thread

    Point 1. Gruso reserected his own post because he found some new equipment pertinant to the project. Seems reasonable to me. Point 2. I agree with your second point. The quoting of the original post in full was just plain dim/lazy. Therefore on balance I feel a slap on the wrist was sufficient...
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    Google Warning! On Any Case News Thread

    When trying to access page 7 of the above thread I get a warning page as per below. Is this really harmful or just Google Chrome being a bit jumpy ?