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  1. Swarm

    Pandora Rebirth Edition for sale here buy it now.
  2. Swarm

    Pandora Rebirth edition 32GB card

    Just not using it at all. paid £375 for premium edition , would let it go for £300.00 ish Also have a Vita 3G i am getting rid of , £200.00 for that.
  3. Swarm

    Pandora Apps Some Thoughts ....

    I received my Pandora today and have been browsing the application repository which is great. However there are (at least in the few that I have clicked on) very few reviews of the games and applications which will guide new users to pick good stuff to get going on their Pandora straight away...
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    Development Question.

    Is there a linux VM somewhere that is all set up and ready to go from a development perspective ? I was thinking that this might help people get stuck into coding and worrying less about setting up the environment. Swarm.
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    Got my pandora

    I have been playing with my Pandora since getting it last week. For those of you waiting patiently , it is worth the wait. Controls are excellent (slight bit of stickiness on the left trigger). Other than its really really very good. I never expected it to be as slick or well made as a...
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    Ordered a premium pandora.

    After lurking for a bit i have thrown myself in the deep end and ordered a premium pandora. I also ordered a 36GB SD card plus I have a 16Gb one here for the other slot. Any tips for a newbie ? Emulators to try , ones to avoid etc.