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  1. CeNTauR2

    How to use Nubs in Picodrive

    Hi guys, I don't understand how to use the left nub as joystick in Picodrive. When the nubs are in standard config, Picodrive reports them both as possible control methods. But I can no map them. When I change the nub mode to joystick, this nub disappears in Picodrive. Please help, I...
  2. CeNTauR2

    [E] GP2X F100 + F200 auf eBay

    Hi, noch kurze Zeit, habt einen Blick: Viele Grüße Sebastian
  3. CeNTauR2

    Help With Super Plusha!

    Hi there, a few months ago I bought Super Plusha, and I really like it, you just have to get used to the controls. As I am a perfectionist when it comes to platformers, I want to collect 100% of everything in every stage before going on to the next level. In Super Plusha, there are some...
  4. CeNTauR2

    Fgen32 Public Beta @ Http://

    Get it now. :)
  5. CeNTauR2

    Getting a decent AC adapter ...

    Hi guys, I am trying to get hold of a decent AC adapter for my GP32. I tried to different Gameboy Color ones, changing the polarity. Well, unit 1 crashes my GP as soon as any Code os started from Pacrom, but has a nice picture until then. Unit number 2 gives me really annoying rythmic screen...
  6. CeNTauR2

    Release: Giri Giri Walker 0.1

    Hi there, Tailzone just released v0.1 of their Lode Runner themed game called Giri Giri Walker. Get it here: Tailzone Bye Sebastian
  7. CeNTauR2

    Tomak crashes after patching

    Hi, I bought Tomak (SMC, boxed) used, and it was the old version. I downloaded the patch from (2nd patch). But after installing the patch with PCLinker 1.3.1 Tomak crashes while booting up. Mr Spivs Bios Monitor comes up. I have MultiFW on the GP (thus the Bios Mon), but even booting...