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  1. HackModford

    Pandora Maybe For Sale

    Is anyone interested in buying my barely used pandora? I live in the states. PM me with an offer ;) Comes with charger, stylus battery (basically all the original stuff)
  2. HackModford


    Does anyone know why extensions are disabled in chrome-dev? How come nobody has done a real good proper port that actually works well? Seems like it would be a high priority... Oh well, just wondered if anyone new a way to get extensions working, or get the normal version of chrome not the OS...
  3. HackModford

    Minimenu Window Manager

    I would like to set the window manager in minimenu back to the default. Does anyone know how to do this?
  4. HackModford

    Shell Script Request

    Can someone make a quick shell script that will set the default gui to minimenu? I have xbmc setup as a gui and would like to test it as the default gui but need to be able to switch back (of course) but as of now xbmc has a problem starting an app that needs a windows manager. So if someone...
  5. HackModford

    Join Network From Minimenu

    How would I join a network from minimenu?
  6. HackModford

    Remove Cpu Speed Alert

    Is there any way to remove that alert that shows when you overclock over 700? It's really annoying... :(
  7. HackModford

    Xbmc As A Alternative To Minimenu

    Me and sebt3 are trying to get XBMC to launch PNDs I was just curious though... how many people would seriously be interested in using xbmc as a frontend similar to how minimenu is?
  8. HackModford

    Minimenu Questions

    Can I rearrange Tabs? Can I pick which apps appear in which tabs?
  9. HackModford

    Xbmc Launch Pnds

    Okay I'm going to try and get my hands dirty and do this... this is the plugin that can launch stuff It says it can launch a file with arguments... So my question is this. What arguments are needed to actually launch a PND? Edit: Just tried looking at...
  10. HackModford

    Low Video Quality

    Has anyone else noticed low quality on video playback or is it just me. It seems like the colours are low.
  11. HackModford

    Tapatalk Support

    Is there any chance we can have the tapatalk plugin installed for this forum. I'm sure it would make alot of us android/iphone/blackberry users happy :D
  12. HackModford

    Tapatalk Support

    Is there any way one of the admins could add tapatalk support. It would make visiting this forum on my phone sooo much easier. And I'm sure alot of people would appreciate it.
  13. HackModford

    Pocketsnes Via Ginge

    I've just tried pocketsnes via ginge and have noticed a couple problems.... First the menu is really fast! Second the button mappings seem to be off.. How do you get back to the emulator menu? Most important sound is kindof delayed. Has anyone else noticed this? Can anyone make a pnd of gine...
  14. HackModford

    Htc Hero Cdma Wifi Tether Issue.

    For some reason my pandora can't access my phones hotspot. At first I thought it was because it is a adhoc connection but then I remembered that I could connect to my Mac via Internet sharing. Any ideas why it won't connect?
  15. HackModford

    Ginge Wrapped Pnds

    So far I've noticed that the wiz version of gpsp has been wrapped in ginge and put in a pnd. (But it doesn't currently work) I've also noticed that gpfce has had the same treatment... Are there any other pnds I've missed?
  16. HackModford

    Apple Event

    Anyone going to watch this with me?
  17. HackModford

    Ipodt 4 Vs Pandora

    In theory shouldn't the iPod Touch 4/Iphone 4 be faster than the pandora? In particular the psx emulator?
  18. HackModford


    Could we install the tapatalk plugin to this forum? To make it nice for android/iphone users?
  19. HackModford

    Guide: Storage-Sd On Mac

    I understand that some people were having some problems (me included) so I'm going to write down my method to get this to work. Edit: I've noticed that the disc shows up as a macFUSE disc show you might need to install macFUSE on the mac. Edit done... First...
  20. HackModford

    Psxral Disc Change?

    How do I change discs in psx4all? I just finished the middle part of Lunar Silver Star Story (quickly becoming one of the best rpg's I've ever played) and need to insert disc 2 but don't know how to go about it. thank you